Windows 7 is the most recent and most popular version of the Windows operating systems. It is fairly simple to use and has a high speed. Unfortunately there are many issues that can make Windows 7 work less than its best. There are many viruses, useless downloads, and registry issues that can slow down and lead to poor performance. No one wants a slow computer. There are a few tips that users can do to help their computer work better and faster.

1. Create a Virus Scan Schedule

Most systems slow down because of viruses that take up space and processing power. They can do some serious damage to your computer if left unchecked. Installing an antivirus system and creating a schedule for it to check your computer regularly is a good way to remove the threat of viruses.

2. Keep it Updated

It seems like every few weeks, there is a new update for the Windows operating system. These updates will help solve small problems in your PC and you should keep your PC updated. There are system settings that will allow your PC to update every time you open the internet. Once you turn on the setting, you no longer need to worry about updating your computer. Updating your system will keep the PC working well and if there are any problems, the updates will fix it.

3. Clean Up Your Registry

Corruption in the registry is one of the most common reasons that Windows 7 performance is less than desirable. To cure this, you need to scan the registry. Scanning the registry identifies the problem places that need to be cleaned or fixed. Remember to backup all of your files before scanning and changing things in the registry. Without doing so, you can lose some files that are important to you.

4. Disk Cleanup

A disk cleanup removes all of the application, programs and multiple copies of a file that are stored in your computer and not being used. To perform a disk cleanup go to start > programs > accessories > system tool > disk cleanup. All you have to decide is which drive to clean up. It is very simple and helps to clean up your computer.

5. Disk Defragmenter

Disk defragmentation is a process that few people think to do. You should defrag your computer at least once a month but can be done up to once a week. It helps clear out your computer to create more disk space and faster to access data from disk. To update or add a new version of the operation system, it is necessary to defragment the disk.

Enhancing the speed of your computer is relatively easy using the above tips. Windows 7 is a pretty good operating system but it can slow down if not checked and monitored often. If your computer starts slowing down the likely causes are viruses, software problems, overused disk space and compatibility problems. There are many free tools to fix those issues. See this article. If there still continue to be problems, consider contacting a computer support provider.

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