Have you ever asked yourself this question? Which one is dirtier, your keyboard or a toilet seat? Unfortunately in nearly every case it is the keyboard that is far dirtier. You do not think about all of the things that your hands come in contact with and then spread onto your keyboard. How often do you clean it? That is because few people know how to clean a keyboard. No one wants to irrevocably damage their computer. Simply running a cloth with some cleaner over the top of your keys will not solve the problem. There is dirt, dust and who knows what in between the keys of your keyboard. It is important for your health along with the health of your computer that you keep it clean.


Any computer cleaning task should start with you turning your computer off. If there is any electricity running through your computer as you clean it, you’re doing it wrong. The first step is to turn the keyboard upside down so the keys are facing the ground. Shaking the keyboard side to side will help to dislodge any of the particles that could be hiding inside of your keyboard. Using a dust buster with small attachments, such as a snoot, you can clean the grooves of the keyboard. This can also be accomplished by blowing or using compressed air, anything to dislodge the particles stuck within the keyboard.


Now that all the large particles are removed from within your keyboard, it is time to sanitize and deeply clean it. Using a bottle of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and some cotton swabs you will clean the keyboard. Pour some of the alcohol into a dish. Using the cotton swab, absorb some of the alcohol into the cotton. Clean the surface of the keys with the cotton swab. Do not forget the sides of the keys as well. You may need several cotton swabs to remove some of the hard cemented grime that can be found on some keyboards. Keep cleaning until you are certain that your keys are clean.

Getting the Between

This is where a can of compressed air or air compressor would come in handy. Using the short bursts of air, you can loosen up and remove and of the dirt and particles still clinging inside of your computer. Using compressed air is much safer as compared to sticks or screwdrivers. Using such objects could potentially hurt your computer. To get some, but not all, you can also run a stiff piece of paper between the keys to help remove the debris.

Cleaning your computer is a fairly simple process once you learn how to do it. You can get the optimal performance out of your computer by ensuring that it is clean and everything is in the right places. Cleaning your computer every few days or once a week is a good idea. Most computers can be cleaned with household products and you will notice a remarkable difference in your computer’s performance. You will also notice a difference in your health. You are touching these keys every single day. If you don’t clean your keyboard it will just continue to keep accumulating gunk.

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