Electronic devices are becoming vastly irreplaceable in our modern society. So what do you do when you drop your phone in a puddle? Or send your iPod through the wash? Though it can be distressing many electronic devices can be saved with a few simple tricks.

Check Your Warranty

Though most warranties do not cover water damage, there are a few that do offer coverage. You do not want to do anything that might make you out of warranty if your warranty does cover water damage. Though it may be frustrating to start from scratch, a phone that works is better than no phone at all. By checking the warranty first and double checking to see if there is any way the company will replace it, you are sure to have all your bases covered.

Dry It Out

If the warranty won’t cover it the next thing to do is dry it out. Silica gel packets are great. Silica gel is the little “do not eat” packets that are found in shoe boxes and the like. The gel absorbs the moisture in the device without having to open the device up. If you haven’t saved any silica gel packets from recent purchases the gel can be bought online. The next best thing to silica gel is uncooked rice. Placing the device in a sealed back of uncooked rice will help the device dry out as well. It is the poor man’s version of silica gel. Whether you are using silica gel or uncooked rice make sure to let the device sit for at least three days. You want to make sure all of the moisture is removed from the inside of the device before proceeding. It may be difficult for some to live without their electronics for three days but it is better than a permanently dead device. After three days time feel free to try turning on the device. Many devices will work after this but may have a few glitches due to the water damage.

Power Up

If your device doesn’t turn on after drying it out completely don’t worry quite yet. Many devices need to be recharged after suffering damage. Make sure that your device is COMPLETELY dry before attempting to charge it. If you are not satisfied it is completely dry let it sit for a few more days. It is better to be safe than electrocuted. Let the device charge completely and then try turning it on. Many devices will lose their battery strength from the water damage. You may want to buy a replacement battery if this does happen.

If you did all of above and it still won’t work there aren’t many more options. Sometimes a technological friend can disassemble the device and reassemble it. That does seem to work in some cases. Beyond that there isn’t much more that you can do besides dispose of it properly and buy a new one.

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