Learning how to shut down Windows 8 was probably something that a lot of people weren't expecting they would have to learn about. All the previous iterations of the Windows operating system have always used the same methods for shutting down the computer.


Prior to the current iteration of Windows, every single Windows desktop user interface has always had the taskbar. Here users simply had to click on the start button or the Microsoft logo, hit the shutdown button and viola the computer will shut down by itself.

Things are a lot trickier in Microsoft’s latest operating system. But don’t worry; shutting down is not rocket science even if it may involve several steps. Those who want to learn how to shut down Windows 8 have several options.

Do It Manually

There might not be a start button but there’s still a power button that users can access to shut down their computer. However, accessing the shutdown option is a bit more tedious than having to simply click start then shutdown.

The first step is to hover the mouse cursor over to the tiny gadget that can be found at the lower right hand corner. By now, a slide-out menu that’s called the Charms Bar will appear, now click settings. A list of options will appear with Power being one of them. Click on it and from the list of actions, which includes sleep and update and restart, click on the Shut Down task to turn the computer off.

Restoring The Taskbar

A lot of people miss the old taskbar simply because it was what they are familiar with. Some people have gone to great lengths in order to restore the old taskbar. Those who do like the old user interface may download apps on the internet that will change the desktop screen to the way that it used to be.

Two Keys Press Solution

Perhaps the simplest method of shutting down the computer on this list is using the old trusted Alt+F4 combo. Previous Microsoft operating systems allowed users to shut down their computer by simply pressing Alt+F4 on their desktop and selecting the shut down command. Using this two press solution is probably the simplest method for shutting down any computer that runs on Microsoft’s newest iteration of Windows.

The only way that people can shut down their computer faster than this method is if they learned how to bypass the Start screen. Learning how to shut down Windows 8 using that method might be too technical for most people.

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