Safari for most Apple product enthusiasts is an easy browser to use but for Windows OS babies, the said browser is actually quite difficult to deal with, so some Safari Tips might be able to give a few beams of light in the darkness.

Apple Safari Browser Tips

Safari offers not only a minimalist interface but also an innovative approach to internet browsing. It functions similarly to other browsers but there are major differences as well. Five Safari Tips will be mentioned in this article and hopefully they will able to help the lost lambs find their way.

Tip number one: Just like any other browser, Safari also makes use of shortcut keys for easier access. “Ctrl + Tab” is used to move among tabs while “Ctrl + T” is used to open a new tab. “Ctrl + Shift + B” is used to display or hide the bookmark bar while “Ctrl + F” is used to display the finding bar. “Ctrl + H” on the other hand, can be used to hide the Safari window. There are other shortcut keys available for use but the shortcut keys mentioned here are the most frequently used ones.

Tip number two: Bookmarking is quite different in Safari. Although a user can still bookmark pages individually, Safari offers the ability to bookmark an entire group of tabs. Bookmarking an entire group of tabs is convenient especially if the user will repeatedly use these tabs. To bookmark an entire group of tabs, the user needs to go to Bookmarks ? and then select Add Bookmark for These Tabs.

Tip number three: Safari also offers an incognito type of browsing. This private mode can be accessed by looking at the Menu Bar > selecting Safari > and clicking Private Browsing from the Cascading Menu. The browsing history is not recorded when the user is on stealth mode.

Tip number four: Since most websites can be better viewed through other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, Safari has a User Agent Function that allows the user to simulate them. To access this function one must go to the Menu Bar > choose Safari > select Preferences > choose Advanced > and then tick the box for Show Develop menu in menu bar. Afterwards, the user must look at the Menu bar again > select Develop > choose User Agent > and then choose the browser that he or she wants to simulate. This function is very useful and it is a unique function to Safari.

Tip number five: Safari, just like other browsers, can also add and manage plug-ins. Safari add-ons are not always free but there are a great number of add-ons to choose from. The website that contains these is known as “Pimp My Safari.” When removing plug-ins it is best to ask the author of the plug-in that one wants to remove from his or her computer so as not to bring any harm to the user’s computer.

These are just a number of Safari Tips that can help a user navigate the browser but nonetheless, there are other tips that can be helpful as well. Using the Help button can be rewarding at times. Other web articles also contain useful and essential tips for Safari web browsing.

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