There are a lot of Firefox Tips that a person can learn through the web but it will take a lot of browsing and a lot of reading in order to do that. This article aims to aid its readers on that note by discussing some of the most useful tips for Firefox use.

Mozilla Firefox Tips

Mozilla Firefox is probably one of the most appealing internet browsers today. It does not only have a user-friendly environment for all ages but it also does not fail to please the eyes of its users. Like every other internet browser, it has its perks. Most of the time, users cannot identify these perks because they simply have not heard of them before. There are in fact a bunch of tricks that people can use to improve their browsing or surfing experience. Here are some tips for a better Firefox use:

Tip number one: Meet the lovable browser and perform the entire introduction phase. To begin with the discussion of Firefox Tips, there is one important thing to remember and that is whenever a user is browsing, he or she should try to familiarize himself or herself with the interface of the browser first. By doing this, maximizing the browsing or surfing experience will not be hard to achieve.

Tip number two: It’s time for expediency readers. Bookmarking has never been made this easy. The user just needs to click the star icon found on the Awesome Bar and then the user will be allowed to create, edit and remove a bookmark. The Awesome bar is where one would find the address of the page he or she is currently looking at. The star icon can be seen on the right side of the Awesome bar. The Bookmark Button found beside the Homepage Button can also be used to manage bookmarks.

Tip number three: One can never use a shortcut without knowing about its existence. Firefox also offers shortcut keys in order to make browsing easier. It is very convenient especially to those who would actually use them. “Control + Enter” is used to add the legendary .com to the text in the Awesome Bar. “Control + Page Up or Page Down” on the other hand, is used for moving among tabs: Page Up for the previous one and Page Down for the succeeding tab. “F5” can be used to reload the page. “Control + Shift + T” makes it not excruciating for those who closed a tab by accident because it reopens the most recently closed tab. “Alt + Home” can be used to immediately go back to the Homepage. “Ctrl + T” is used for creating a new tab. “Ctrl + W” is used for closing a tab. Finally, “Ctrl + D” can be used to bookmark a page.

Tip number four: Make one’s eyes happy. Mozilla Firefox offers its users the chance to change the font size of the text for improved reading. Although this will most likely make some sites not pleasing to the eyes, it still offers text clarity. In order to do this, the user must go to: “Tools” > “Options” > “Content” > “Advanced” and then, select the font size that will best suit the reader’s eyes in the dropdown menu. Mozilla Firefox does not only give its users the chance to manipulate the font size of the text, it also allows its users to minimize the screen space taken up by icons. In order to do this, one must go to “View Menu” > select “Toolbars” > and then click the “Use small icons” box.

Tip number five: Don’t make unnecessary actions. The toolbar can be utilized to help Mozilla Firefox users. If a user performs the same actions recurrently, icons can instead be added to the toolbar for convenience. The user must go to the “View Menu” > click “Toolbars” > and then select “Customize” to add icons to the toolbar.

Hopefully, this Firefox Tips discussion has been helpful. While there are a lot more tips and tricks that one can find through the web, the tips discussed here were more for the purpose of easier use. There are also other tips found in the web for customizing the browser, speeding up Firefox and limiting the browser’s RAM usage which will all be good for the users as well.

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