Google Chrome is probably the most user-friendly browser there is today but still, learning some Chrome Tips will be greatly beneficial for the users. This browser boasts of some of its special features like the Favicon Bookmarks Bar, Omnibox All-Around Field and Pinning Tabs Option. These are just some of the innovative and unique creations of this browser which allow better and easier surfing experience for the users. This article will serve as a brief guide for the nitty-gritty of Chrome usage.

Google Chrome Tips

Here are some Chrome Tips which will be expedient for all users out there:

Tip Number One: Bookmarking in Chrome is fun. A user can simply click the star icon on the right side of the address bar (Omnibox) and then he or she can already add, delete or edit a bookmark. The names of these bookmarks will appear on a regular bookmarks bar. The user can choose to display this bar or not. If the user chooses to display the bar, he or she will also have the option to decide how it will look like. The user can make an all-Favicon bookmarks bar which means that the user will only see the icons of the sites that he or she frequents or the user can make a regular bookmarks bar where names of sites are properly indicated. To make an all-Favicon bookmarks bar, the user must delete the name of a bookmark whenever he or she creates one.

Tip Number Two: Pinning Tabs to Allow Multi-Tasking. When a user is multi-tasking, pinning tabs on a browser window will be more helpful than opening several browser windows which will most likely produce confusion. To pin a tab, the user just needs to right click the tab and then select “Pin tab.”

Tip Number Three: Deleting Cookies for More Efficient Browsing. Cookies slow down the surfing process. Google Chrome offers an easy to use procedure for deleting cookies. A user just needs to click the Wrench Icon which serves as a shortcut to different functions in Google Chrome. Click the Wrench Icon  select Tools  and then, choose Clear Browsing Data to delete cookies. Another way of doing this is by using the shortcut key, “Ctrl + Shift + Del.”

Tip Number Four: Calculating through the Omnibox. The Omnibox is also the URL bar and the searching field of Google Chrome. The user can simply type the calculation question and the field will produce a drop down menu with auto-suggestions.

Tip Number Five: Chrome URLs to Make Things Easy. Google Chrome also has its own URLs for better access to most frequently used functions or tools. The user can simply type “chrome://bookmarks” on the Omnibox to go to the Bookmarks page, “chrome://history” for Browsing History and “chrome://downloads” for the Downloads page.

Tip Number Six: Be in the Private Mode through the Incognito Function. Browsing through the incognito window will allow a certain amount of privacy. Cookies will be automatically deleted. A user can browse websites and this browsing will not be recorded in the Chrome history. The downloading history during incognito browsing will also not be recorded but the bookmarks saved by the user will always be reflected on the bookmarks bar whether the user is in the incognito mode or not. To open an incognito window, the user just needs to right click a link and choose “Open Link in Incognito Window.”

Tip Number Seven: Shortcut Keys for Easier Access. Google Chromes makes use of a lot of shortcut keys. “Ctrl + N” is used to open a new window. “Ctrl + Shift + N” is used for opening an incognito window. “Ctrl + T” is used for creating a new tab. A user can jump from one tab to another by using “Ctrl + Number” where numbers can range from 1 to 9. “Ctrl + B” is used to view or hide the bookmarks bar. These are just some of the shortcut keys in Google Chrome. More shortcut keys can be seen through clicking the Wrench Icon of the browser.

All being well, this Chrome Tips discussion has been helpful to all Google Chrome users out there. Some other functions and shortcuts can be learned through the browser’s support center.

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