Learning some Windows 7 Tips will probably be helpful for users. Windows 7, just like any other Windows OS is user-friendly but compared to the other versions of the operating system, it is far more advanced. Windows 7 became a crowd favorite in no time at all and it easily surpassed its predecessor, Vista. Although there are a great number of Windows 7 users at present, there are still a lot of people who do not know how to use this operating system.

Windows 7 Tips

Here are a number of Windows 7 Tips that might aid the users of this operating system:

Tip 1

Windows 7 has shortcut keys for easier access. Most shortcut keys are just the same as the shortcut keys assigned to the previous versions of the Operating System from Windows. “Windows + Up” and “Windows + Down” are shortcut keys to maximizing and minimizing the active window. “Windows + Right” and “Windows + Left” will both reduce the size of the active window to one-half of the size of the screen. The only difference is the position where the window will be in. “Alt + Tab” is used to move among tabs in the taskbar. “Windows + Tab” on the other hand is a unique function that allows the user to move among the thumbnails in the peek menu of Windows 7. There are other shortcut keys that can be learned through Windows Help.

Tip 2

The calculator of Windows 7 is quite different because it does not only perform basic arithmetic operations. The Windows 7 calculator can now also perform scientific, statistical and programming functions. Aside from being able to perform new functions, the calculator can now also be used for conversion of units. To see these changes in the calculator one must first open the calculator application and then select View from the Menu Bar. Selecting View from the Menu Bar will display the different functions of the calculator. To learn more about the new calculator the user can select Help from the Menu Bar of the application.

Tip 3

Windows 7 also introduces a new type of computer design where the user can change, time and save background themes. Background themes allow the users to view slideshows of pictures of their preference. Themes can also be downloaded from the Windows website.

Tip 4

A user can now also easily multi-task. The taskbar can hold more programs than ever before because items are grouped according to the program in which they are viewed. There is also an option to pin programs on the taskbar so that they can easily be accessed.

Tip 5

Furthermore, Windows 7 introduces the Jump List, a list of recently viewed files that can be found next to the Jump List supporting programs like Paint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Notepad, VLC Player, and other computer programs. The Jump List can be managed easily. The user can pin and unpin files in the Jump List and he or she can also delete files from the Jump List through right-clicking.

Windows 7 introduced a number of things to the world. The good thing about it is that Windows 7 was able to maintain its user-friendly environment providing convenience to its users. With a bit of luck, the readers of this article learned something new. This concludes the Windows 7 Tips discussion.

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