The sheer survival of the websites today depends on the traffic that they regularly receive. While some websites record phenomenal growth in terms of rating, some fade into oblivion almost going out of business, all in proportion to the traffic they receive. Many tricks are afloat on the net to promote the website marketing. Intelligent promoters probe into the psychological aspect of the web browsers and attempt developing the website as per their demands, tastes and requirements. The following are a few useful tips to increase the traffic to your website.

Increase the Traffic to Your Website

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are where millions of users of diverse interests congregate to share, chat and build relationships or to promote their business. A strategically created post here can trigger enormous and exponential growth in traffic. The advantage of these sites is, you can address a larger audience or comparatively small regional audience, depending on your requirement. All you need is to create a sound profile and an online presence. Besides, if you can wisely utilize the social networking tools and applications you can effectively create visuals, audios and videos that would eventually generate website traffic.

Web Video Marketing

Gone are the days when we look at video as just a tool of digital multimedia communication. It can now be a very powerful and effective strategy in generating web traffic. Instead of paying per-click or per-view, you can invest on a well designed short video clip of about three to four minutes duration with catchy title and relevant keywords. You can upload it on the home page through a link. Anticipate the probable queries of the visitors and provide solutions. Rouse their curiosity and provide a back link to take them to your website. Video embedded on home page certainly keeps a steady stream of visitors, and conversion of these visitors to customers also can be high.

Ezine Marketing

Ezine is just an electronic version of a magazine or almost an e-news letter. This electronic publication reaches the subscribers via email. There is almost a fanatic following for these Ezine groups. Do some research in locating and analyzing Ezine directories and find out which Ezine group suits your requirement. You have several advertising options such as solo ads or classified ads or sponsorship ads depending on your budget and expected reach. Subscribe to the right Ezine and let it find traffic for you.

Increase Local Traffic With Geo Targeted Content

At times you might be in a business where your potential customers are from a specific geographical territory or zone only. There is no point in attempting to address larger audience here. You need to narrow down your scope and focus on concentrated thrust of generating geo targeted content. The content should be right, interesting and have a clear purpose. Use the correct keyword with natural keyword density. Else, the search engines may consider the content as spam and affect the organic ranking adversely.

Natural Link Building

Building natural links is an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to increase the web traffic. If you can manage a high trafficked website providing a link to your website, the results would be amazing. Major search engines while scanning these sites also take your site into cognizance. If you can work out more such outbound links being provided to your site in various other sites, the web traffic naturally increases. Link credibility must be gained by quality content.


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