Good web design not only handles the search engines but also provides great content for the users. In the face of what is expected from a website, you can be sure content for the search engines and the users is necessary in order draw traffic and create loyalty. Good web design tips begin with this one, rich content.

SEO Web Design Tips

First Tip - Content

This is the first tip. The right content sells the products and/or services. It utilizes search engine optimization so that your site is exposed to your target audience. So, the first tip would be to make sure you have the right content.

Second Tip – Visual Content

Another tip is to be creative. While content is a major point, creativity is important. That means you need more than just content. This is a culture of multi-media enhancements and websites are no exception. You will want to add pictures, videos or other media sources to your site. Visual content is a necessity for a good number of users.

It is not necessary to go overboard and make the site too busy. However, a few additional pictures and other media plugs could bring just the right balance to your site. When users come to your site a good balance between content and visual appeal will bring them back. No user wants so much content that it takes an hour to get through the home page. Nor does a user want so much visual content that the page is a blur from the busyness. Balance in written content and visual content is the second tip.

Third Tip – URL Structure and Description

As mentioned above, search engine optimization is important. Not only does it matter with content, it is also important in the URL structure. The first point in this matter is that the shorter the URL, the better. In this current culture, patience is not the virtue. The quicker you can get to something, the better. Users do not want to spend extra time where it is not necessary. The size of your URL is important.

You want your URL to describe the content. In other words, you want to give the user a really good idea of what your site is about by the title it is given. You want the access to your URL in the browser bar to be significant and easy for the user to guess the content of your site.

Fourth Tip – Site Consistency

While users are not the most patient when it comes to websites, a uniform look does help to draw a user back to the site. Consistency throughout your site will be important. You want the user to know that you are experienced in your area. Inconsistency does not build the user’s confidence in your site. You want a standard convention to use so that not only does it make things easy for the user, it also makes things easy for the designer in maintaining the site.

Remember that the right content is important. Visual media is necessary for the visual appeal. URL structure and description should work together to draw the interest of the user to your site. And, site consistency helps to reveal your knowledge and build confidence from the user. Check out the Internet for a harvest of other tips.



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