One of the most overlooked elements of web design is design itself. Your website is certain to get more traffic and longer visits if the images, text, banners, and other elements are pleasantly arranged. This also makes it easier for visitors to find the content they are looking for. A clean, well organized site will draw visitors with easy to find content, and keep them there longer.

Make Clean Design

Clean design also applies to navigation. Navigation is another element that is often overlooked by many webmasters, but it is vitally important to any website's effectiveness. Your great content will never be enjoyed if it cannot be found. In a sense, good navigation does for a site's content what good search engine optimization does for a site's standings in the search engine rankings.

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Traditional design places navigational content at the top or side, but various scripts and tricks, as well as advances in programming languages, have made other options available. Drop down menus are very popular, even with large sites that attract a lot of visitors. These are often programmed in Java, JavaScript, or DHTML. The type of navigational system you use depends largely on the subject matter and design of your site. If aesthetic design is more important than actual navigation, webmasters have even more room to play.

Create Good Content

Good content remains the steady draw online, however. Search engines do not judge sites on appearance, but the quality of their content. This means knowing your subject matter inside and out, and being able to communicate well. You can always improve your standing in these fields by reading about these subjects, taking classes, or simply doing it. The web can be unforgiving though, so thorough research is suggested over trial and error experimentation.

Limit Advertising

While advertising is a great way of monetizing your site, be careful not to overdo it. Negative space is a part of good design, and every page needs some of it. In fact, the more negative space a webpage has, the easier it is for visitors to digest the information presented on the page. Too many banner ads, pop-ups, and other annoying advertisements can turn off visitors and drive them away from your site for good. How much is too much depends largely on the field and nature of your site, as well as what your visitors want. Try different variations and monitor traffic closely to develop a strategy that works for you and your visitors.

Keep in Mind the SEO

As noted earlier, the quality of your website is lost on most of the Internet without good SEO, or search engine optimization. Even if you outsource your SEM needs, every webmaster and site owner should be aware of the basics of SEO. Develop a strategy that works for your needs, and stick to it - but be prepared for change and revision. SEO demands constant monitoring and revision, which is why so many companies outsource it. Be sure to include keywords and a description in the META information, as some search engines still use them. Also include keywords and search terms and phrases on the pages themselves but, just as with advertising, be careful not to go overboard. Some search engines will penalize your site as spam if you include too many keywords and search terms too often, or even delist your site entirely.

These are basic dos and don'ts general tips for every webmaster should follow to make both search engine bots and human readers happy.

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