Yes, your Android-powered handset may be very cool, but it does get pretty annoying when you have to charge it every once in a while because the battery gets drained. This has always been a problem with smartphones, but there are some ways that you can extend the battery life.

If you are planning on using your Android phones for games, which is unsurprising since there are a lot of cool games available for download, just turn on the airplane mode; this will turn off all connectivity functions of your phone, like Bluetooth, cellular data, and Wi-Fi. Now you can play games for hours without having to charge it.


Here're another battery saving tips;

  • Only turn on the wifi connection if you really need it. Just turn on the wifi if you need to browse the web for something or if you want to check your emails, turn it off when you won't be using it.
  • You should always terminate tasks, exiting from your running apps by pressing the home button does not necessarily kill the app, it is still working in the background and draining your battery. Download a free app from the Android Market called the TaskKiller so you can immediately close any app that you are not using and save on your battery life.
  • Only charge your Android handset when the battery is fully depleted, as in the indicator light already turned red. Then plug in your handset to a charger until the light turns green, and leave it like that for about 2-3 hours. Remember to keep the phone powered on while charging.
  • You should also delete your texts, especially if your inbox is getting a bit too cluttered. Deleting your received and sent text messages will help your phone load your messages faster so it will not suck up too much of the battery's power.
  • You should also clear your phone browser's history and cache regularly. Doing this will help your browser load up web pages faster, and your phone's processor will not be working too hard so the battery won't get drained quickly.
  • Dim the backlight of your touchscreen as much as possible. Adjust the brightness of your screen to the lowest possible setting, but not so much that you will be having a hard time reading your messages. You should also turn on the auto lock feature of your phone so that you do not accidentally turn the screen on when you put your phone in your bag or in your pocket.
  • If you notice that your phone gets a bit warm when you are using it, just stop and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Using your Android handset while it is hot will only deplete the battery faster; it may also seriously damage your phone.

With these tips and trick to extending the battery life of your Google Android smartphone it is quite possible for a single charge to last 1 or 2 days instead of just 4 to 6 hours.

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