Are you an Android user? If you want to make the best use of your Google Android powered smartphone then here are some hidden tips and tricks that you may not have known until now. Take note that these tricks may not work in all Android devices since there are different manufacturers, but they do work for most. If you’re an experienced user, you might know much of this already. But a few of them are very common and some are less well-known.

Using Voice Command

Android Tips

The iOS is not the only smartphone OS that has voice recognition technology, the Android OS has its own version as well. Even though it is not as functional as Siri on the iPhone, the voice command option in Android can still do some amazing things. To activate voice command, long press the search button on your phone, the one that has the magnifying glass icon.

Here are some the voice commands that Google Android can recognize:

  • To send a text message - “send text to” [name of recipient] [your message]
  • To send an email - “send email to” [name of recipient] [your message]
  • To place a call - “call” [name of recipient] [type of phone] (ie. home or mobile)
  • Ask for directions - “navigate to” [name of place]
  • Play music - “listen to” [artist name/song title/album title]
  • Do a web search – [item you to search]
  • Open a website - “go to” [website]

Copy and Paste Text

Here's a tip on how you can copy a block of text from any website or document. Tap and hold at the approximate location of the chunk of text that you want to copy, and after a second or two a selection slider will appear. Adjust the placement of the slider until it highlights the text that you wanted to copy, and then you will notice a small menu will pop up near the selection, tap on copy. To paste the copied text, you just tap and hold at the space where you want to paste the text; a menu will pop up and then just tap on paste. This same tip also applies if you want to cut and paste, just select cut instead of paste when the menu pops up.

Add Bookmarks to Your Home Screen

Here's a neat Google Android tip on how to add a one touch bookmark for your favorite websites right on your Home Screen:

  1. Bookmark the page in the web browser.
  2. Go to the bookmark manager of the browser.
  3. Tap and hold the bookmark until a menu pops up asking if you want to add a shortcut to your home screen.

And there you have it, you no longer have to type in the web address of your favorite websites; you can access them using a single tap on your smartphone's touchscreen. These are just some of the really cool Google Android tips and tricks; there are lots more ways to make the most use of your smartphone, just do a quick web search and you will be bombarded with thousands of results. Try all of them yourself and have fun!

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