A good app, ezPDF Reader was developed by Unidocs Inc, the first company to register a pdf reader for the Apple App Store and Android Market (Google Play Now). Unidocs is a Korean software development firm having a focus on PDF Apps. The application group for ezPDF is Productivity and the official site is http://m.unidocs.com/sub01.html

This product has great navigation features, viewing features, form annotating and filling out capabilities, text editing, embedded audio/video, web doc access, bookmarks and file management. Navigation features include zooming in or out with finger motion, flip style page turning, text reflow and going to a selected page number. Three different viewing types are available including thumbnail, pdf and reflow. The web docs feature lets you access documents from a URL so you can open Google Docs documents as well. File management features enable you to create folders and copy, paste and delete files. The Fitting to Text Column feature is great for flexible document formatting. The Outlines function makes it easy to find things. With the Remember Last Read Position feature, ezPDF remembers the last page you were on automatically. Night Mode gives you the ability to read in the dark. Lock Horizontal Scroll allows you to minimize margins and maximize usable viewing area. Page Auto Flipping with timer lets you read continuously while pages automatically turn so you don’t need both hands. Crop Page removes margins. Rotate Page can apply to the current page, a range of pages or all pages. The angle of rotation can be 90 degrees, 270 degrees or 180 degrees.

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One of the most awesome capabilities of this app is text to speech. EzPDF makes this functionality available to you by using your device’s own text-to-speech capability. How wonderful to be able to absorb written material while walking, jogging or working out in the gym. You can use even more of your valuable time productively.

There are many reasons to buy this product. It is very popular, having over 350,000 users. Purchasers can feel secure in obtaining this App because with its large customer base, it maintains a rating of 4.63/5 with over 7,500 raters. Also the software manufacturer, Unidocs, listens to its users and is responsive to their comments and complaints.

With all of this functionality and all of these accolades, the $2.99 price tag is astoundingly low. Usability, functionality and reliability seem to be the hallmarks of this great application. ezPDF reader is the best available pdf reader for Android on the market today without any close seconds.

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