The new line of scanners offered by Fujitsu is called ScanSnap. They are meant to help organize business and personal information into digital formats. The scanners are meant to turn the pile of business cards and documents sitting on your desk into neatly organized digital files.

Why Six Different ScanSnap?

ScanSnap includes six different scanners that offer different features. The ScanSnap were created in 7 different variations to fill different needs for different customers. If you’re looking for a scanner to get you organized, there will be a ScanSnap that fills your needs. Some are designed to be portable while others are meant to work quickly. Whether it is desktop bound or portable, the ScanSnaps are meant to offer high quality scanning while meeting the needs of the busiest of people.

The S1100 Color Mobile Scanner:

This scanner is meant for the scanner on the go. It is the smallest out of all the ScanSnaps without losing the high quality expected from scanners. It is lightweight and full color. Using an easy USB application, nearly anyone can scan in nearly any situation. Though tiny it is but a great scanner with hug capabilities.

S1300 Color Personal Scanner:

This is another portable scanner, but it also can handle multi-page double sided scanning. Once again the USB interface transfers data in full color. This time it is able to handle 10 sheets in one loading. The high frequency portable scanner has found its answer in this ScanSnap.

S1500 Sheet-Fed Scanner for PC:

This is the first desktop scanner in the ScanSnap line. It can handle 50 sheets in one loading and handles them quickly. They go directly to the PC and can be made into a searchable PDF of all of the documents. A better single button process cannot be found that offers the quality of this ScanSnap.

S1500 Sheet-Fed Scanner for MAC:

This is nearly the same as the S1500 for PC but now works with your Mac. A great scanner for any MAC user.

S18000 Network Scanner:

This is the scanner designed to work on a network. Many different computers can use this single scanner. Great for any business, this desktop scanner loads 50 sheets in one sitting. It is just as fast as all the other ScanSnap scanners and it works on a network. It also double checks to make sure that your network is secure. Defense and scanning all in one!

Fi-6010 NiScanner:

This is the product that can handle the needs of a single scanner or an entire office. It is fast, and able to handle 50 sheets. It can create color copies at a quick speed, but copies in grayscale even faster. It is efficient and can survive any of the multiple scanning needs of an office.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are all user friendly and high quality. They meet the various needs of all different businesses and can help anyone organize all of their paper into small digital files.

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