The mobile phone has come a long way from being a simple untethered version of the traditional telephone to a fully integrated part of our day-to-day lifestyle. The Samsung Galaxy S III takes things we already know and love about smartphones to the next level. This is obviously the next contender in the Android vs iOS market. It makes some excellent advances as far as usability and intuitiveness.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The unit has everything you’d expect from a modern smartphone. Its quad-core processor works great with the Samsung version of Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system. The operating system seems to demand little that would tax out the processor. You can even play video while using other apps simultaneously. The phone is smooth and responsive even when several applications are running at once. Weighing in lighter than an iPhone and never getting as hot with constant use also help set this device apart from its competition.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III has all the features you’d expect form a modern smart phone. The S-Voice system recognizes voice commands and allows you to quickly access numerous applications with a single word. Motion-based controls help you do things quickly without pressing a button. For example, you can answer a call simply by lifting it to your ear or set the phone face down to automatically mute it.

The AllShare Play system lets you quickly add movies and pictures to your online album where you can distribute them easily to YouTube or social media sites. You can even use it to instantly start playing video on a television without any wires. The S Beam NFC technology lets you share images simply by touching two Samsung Galaxy S III phones together.

Check out the following video on how innovative it is:

Overall, you will find the Galaxy S III a solid and intuitive smartphone. You will find that both the core features and the surprising extras work great and really do integrate with your busy lifestyle. This phone is definitely going to give Apple a run for their money. If you’re looking for a new smartphone running Android, the Galaxy S III might be just what you need.

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