Website creation and design is becoming easier and easier thanks to software like the Artisteer template generator. This product, made by Extensoft, does all the work for you. Blog and website templates have been around for a while now but Artisteer has made a huge leap forward with its latest creation. Previously, when you bought a web design program or visited Blogger or Wordpress, you were stuck with overly simplistic templates unless you were design savvy. Artisteer lets you create custom templates without any knowledge of web design at all.

Artisteer Web Design Software

The Artisteer Editor

If anything has been lacking in the newbie experience with web design, it has been the availability of a What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. If you are like other frustrated individuals who are new to working on the web rather than just surfing it, you cannot stand how difficult it is to turn your desires into something real because you never get what you want out of a click. With Artisteer’s WYSIWYG editor, it is easy to navigate their software and interact with its suggestions in real time.


Finally, amateurs can get a quality program that does not cost as much as a professional web design product. You do not need to learn Photoshop or take a class in design in order to pursue your goals on the Internet. This one purchase can allow you to begin building your dreams on the web and the price is exceptionally low.

There are two editions which you can buy. The Standard Edition sells for $129.00 while the Home and Academic Edition is much less expensive at just $49.95. The disappointment with the Standard version is its base library of fonts, images, gradients and so on. It is no better than the library that comes with the trimmed down Home and Academic version. However, choosing the Standard product does allow you to generate additional themes, such as CodeCharge Studio and the Drupal 5/6 Theme as well as others. The Home and Academic version only permits the generation of Wordpress themes and XHTML+CSS.

11 Elements

Artisteer Web Design Software

Artisteer had divided its design process into 11 elements.

  • Colors & Fonts
  • Layout
  • Content ( Articles )
  • Background
  • Sheet
  • Header
  • Menu
  • Blocks
  • Vertical Menu
  • Buttons
  • Footer

You can also choose a random design in each element and then continue to adjust it until it becomes what you want. Each element has a ribbon menu with options for adjustments. There is also a suggest button that will generate a random new appearance for the chosen element. As an example, if you like the general design of the page but you do not like the colors, just hit Color’s suggest button and review your options.

Creating an HTML Template with Artisteer

This template is the least impressive. The results look fantastic if you are willing to wait through the ridiculously long load times associated with Dreamweaver and Frontpage. It is easy to create this kind of template with Artisteer but prepare to be frustrated by the long waiting periods when you load it. You can minimize your frustration by sticking with templates that come with fewer accessories.

Blog Templates and Open Source Content Management Systems

You will forget about the defects in Artisteer’s abilities to generate HTML code when you try to make templates for open source CMS. All these templates will install easily after creation. You can even replace older templates with fresh designs in just a few hours.

The biggest drawback to this software is the lack of a Help feature. However, the program is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Though the HTML generator disappoints, it still saves time because you do not have to rewrite code in order to make instant changes. The positives outnumber the negatives with this product. Any edition of Artisteer is worth the price that you pay for it.

Artisteer - Web Design Generator

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