Just about every website you go to today have some type of social media widget available for you to share and or bookmark the information you are viewing. These widgets allow users to share information directly with others. If you are looking for a fast, easy way to allow your visitors to share your content or add a bookmark regardless of what type of service they are using, AddToAny (know commonly known as Lockerz Share) has all of the features you are looking for. The following Add to Any Review will help you determine if it is the right platform for your needs.


Installation & Usability

Although installing widgets can require a lot of effort and time to complete, the Lockerz Share site features a free and easy to install widget. Make sure you save your template before starting to install anything new. Once your template is saved, install the code or plugin that is compatible with your content management system from the Lockerz Share website and you are done. Installation of this product is fast and simple.


Once you have the widget installed, there are several customization options available. For example, you can customize the buttons on your page to share the current page, or another specific page that you have chosen. Or, you can set the button to target a specific page URL and title. There are several customization options similar to these available helping you to create a unique tool that will appeal to your specific viewers.


With most major websites requiring the use of a sharing platform, and the majority of sharing activity coming from smaller destinations, this valuable widget is considered a must have item for many webmasters. Not only a great tool for your visitors, using this type of sharing technology will help you to gain further insight on what your viewers are sharing. This can help you work out what kind of information your viewers want more of, and what things they don’t seem to share or have an active interest in at all. Having a strong understanding of the types of information your users are sharing will help you gain valuable insight into your users desires.


While this type of tool can be a great advantage from the marketing standpoint, there are some disadvantages. Although some customization features are available, you can not fully customize the widget. Also, some users report a slow down in your page when a widget is being utilized. There is also some maintenance required. It is important to validate that all links associated with your widgets are functioning properly. In this fast paced environment, information can quickly become outdated. Be sure to regularly check links, especially if they direct your user to an outside source that may no longer be available.

Using this sharing platform for your site makes it simple for all of your visitors to share your content. More sharing means easy distribution of your content without you having to provide any additional effort. Improved marketing, more viewers and capturing a wider market share are just a few of the perks you will enjoy when using the Lockerz Share (AddToAny) product.

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Author : Elidi Darwin

I am freelance writer and web design consultant. I love to review software and tools that can help users increase their productivity.

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