Over the last few years several web application designers have put out social sharing systems for people who have websites to use. There have been some good ones and some bad ones, and there have also been some very unique ones. One of the more unique ones is Sexy Bookmarks. Sexy Bookmarks is a social media sharing system that allows interaction with the user, and also gives some interesting post or page sharing options for those webmasters who use it.

Sexy Bookmarks By Shareaholic

Installation and Usability

Sexy Bookmarks for WordPress – like most social sharing plugins, can be easily and quickly installed into the backend of your website. There is no need to use any FTP client. You simply compress the Sexy Bookmarks plugin file into a zip folder and then upload it into your WordPress or other related website.

Once uploaded you can click the “activate” button and the plugin will be live. From there you head over to the settings menu of the plugin and lay it out how you would like it to show on your site. Choose what buttons to show, where to show them and more.

Sexy Bookmarks for Website – You need to download media resources and upload it to your web server. You can place it in a convenient folder. Then point to your media resources by replacing {Place_Path_Here} with the folder location where they are stored.

Features and Customization

What makes Sexy Bookmarks stand out from other social sharing platforms is the fact that you can add little sayings next to the share icons. In other words, if you scroll to where the social sharing buttons are you will see a note prompting you something like “share now,” or “share and enjoy.” However, the most popular setting is “sharing is sexy,” which coincides with the plugin name, Sexy Bookmarks.


Sexy Bookmarks does add some nice flair to your posts and pages. It gets the reader’s attention because of the way it is laid out. Most sites just include sharing buttons, Sexy Bookmarks includes the sharing buttons, but also lets you customize further, with the most popular customization being the fact that you can add any prompt next to the buttons that you wish.


Even with its unique and fun style, Sexy Bookmarks does have a couple of weaknesses. The number of social sharing buttons they offer is not as vast as many of the other social sharing plugins. They give you the most popular ones to work with, but from there it is somewhat limited. Sexy Bookmarks does not offer the choice to use a Facebook “Like” button or a “recommend” button. There is also no “tweet” button available. You simply click on what is there and share, but some of the more popular and quick use buttons are not available.

Sexy Bookmarks can give your website some unique style and class, as well as offer a outlook that not many other social sharing platforms have. However, past that the customizations are limited, with many of the most popular quick use buttons not available.

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