ShareThis offers websites the opportunity to be seen by more people than ever before through the use of their innovative sharing options. Users of ShareThis are able to download buttons for free to place on websites allowing their visitors to share things they like from the website. Information is immediately shared on various social media platforms, and currently there are at least 50 platforms and social networks that can be used including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg. ShareThis provides the most creative and original platform for sharing available today.


With nearly one million websites currently using ShareThis buttons the potential for websites to be shared is astronomical. Allowing people to share with those in their social networks has been an amazingly influential medium for advertisers and website owners. ShareThis is effectively changing the way information is dispatched and the way people interact with one another on the Internet.

Getting ShareThis buttons and widgets is incredibly easy and free. Buttons known as "Chicklets" can be downloaded to be placed on websites that allow users to have an immediately recognizable button for sharing information. This gives users fast and easy access to their favorite social networks. The buttons can be used as they are, or can be customized in any way the website owner desires. By using these Chicklets, webmasters can re-arrange, move or add these services in any way they choose. This amazing flexibility and ease of use makes placing ShareThis buttons on websites a great option.

Also available are counters that allow visitors to any website to see how many times a certain article or page has been shared. This can be tremendously influential in their decision to share with others in their networks.

In addition, the style of buttons can be easily changed to give the website a sharper and more customized look. Visitors are attracted to these buttons, and inspired to share with others by using them. This can be a very valuable tool for webmasters and advertisers.

The best benefit of using ShareThis buttons is the ability to have any websites visitor traffic increased. An increase in traffic can potentially lead to an increase in the websites value. The potential for future traffic to any website is virtually unlimited, which makes using ShareThis buttons on websites a very valuable tool. Ease of installation and use are other fantastic benefits.

On the other hand, there have been some technical glitches with websites that have recently installed a ShareThis plugin. Sometimes, un-installing and re-installing the plugin were effective in correcting this. There have been other reports of spaces between ShareThis buttons that are difficult to correct.

For the most part, however, ShareThis is a fantastic option for those desiring to effectively increase traffic to their website, thereby adding more value to the website. The potential of reaching an estimated 400 million users by including a ShareThis button is nothing to be taken lightly. The potential impact is tremendous and that impact can be seen for years to come.

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Author : Elidi Darwin

I am freelance writer and web design consultant. I love to review software and tools that can help users increase their productivity.

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