ExpressionEngine is a web publishing system for web professionals. They are one of the few companies that do not make you do things a certain way or limit you on content and design of your websites. This allows you to set up your site the way you want it and expand on it as you want to when your business demands.

Claiming to be one of the best takes trust and ExpressionEngine has built it over time with many reputable companies using their services. Here are just a few of their clients; the game Infinity Blade 2, the University of Massachusetts Boston and even the famous Penny Arcade. As you can see they have a diverse client base and as the days go by many more popular designers are signing up and preparing to bring their content to ExpressionEngine.


ExpressionEngine is built on a Open Source foundation, that provides the best support and ease of use. Being a commercial product, ExpressionEngine has a great team of developers and technical support ready for you when you need them. They are quick to respond and try to fix any issue that may come up, so there is no long wait for support when it comes up. Because of this business design the money from your purchase is put directly into development and support costs so that customer service remains on top.

The Open Source code base is completely open, revealing, and flexible. ExpressionEngine uses a PHP framework called CodeIgniter. The reason for choosing it is simple, CodeIgniter is used by the top developers in the PHP field. It is fast, does not hog resources and is open source. Having CodeIgniter will make your site take less time to set up and publish. They have proven to be an effective and worthwhile investment for over a decade by following this business model.

The power and flexibility of ExpressionEngine allows you to do pretty much anything you can come up with through the service. That is something few others offer when it comes to content management. Combine that with the open template system and you can see why so many people have decided to use ExpressionEngine.

If you are concerned over security, there is not much to worry about. In the ten years ExpressionEngine has been around they have not had a single, major security breach. They take security very seriously and strive to stay on top by auditing their servers and applying security patches quickly and efficiently.

Having an open source means the ability to create and use other add-ons for your site and ExpressionEngine is active in supporting developers for them. Anything from a minor productivity enhancement to detailed commercial add-ons and even the opportunity to request something custom programmed for your website, if you can dream it they can provide it.

Join the ever growing community of over 100,000 members today and get started with publishing your true vision of you company for the entire internet to see.

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