Evernote for Android is a handy new app that makes finding and storing notes easier. The free application from Evernote is the winner of the TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and Webbys. It is used to organize notes and improve productivity on the job, at home and school with easy to create lists, voice reminders and capture tools. The app has many function users will appreciate such as embedding media files in notes, browsing Android file systems, snapping pictures, voice recording, tagging data with location stamps so users know their location. Users can also share a note on Facebook, Twitter and other applications.

Evernote is more than an average notebook application. It has the same note taking features found on the Evernote website. A note is considered a webpage, photograph, audio or formated text. Notes are sorted into folders with tags or annotations. After notes are created users can edited and searched them. It also has the capability to arrange large amounts of information into stacks. In Evernote, you can write and save meeting and class notes, compile research notes, plan agendas, organize recipes, make grocery lists, take snapshots of recipes, menus, business cards, view saved webpages, capture images, and Evernote can be used as part of a GTD system.

The key feature of the app is its ability to sync files across all your devices. It also has the capability to search for keywords in texts, organize notes by tag or its notebook, email notes and backup files to an online Evernote account. The only disadvantage of the application is it lacks the ability to format the layout of notes with bullets or numbers. The application compatible for Android, Window, Mac and other systems. The app must be installed on a device for it to communicate with the website or other devices.

Evernote is a web service for data storage and access. Users need to create an account to use all the services features. There are benefits to having both the application plus an online account. Linking to an online account enable users to save and sync with other devices and use indexing. Evernote can be used as a standalone app without the services to input and edit data when offline, but, users need an Internet connection to save data and sync with other devices.

The developer Evernote has been in existence since 2008. They began with an online suite of software services for note taking and archiving. They have free and premium accounts which offer up to 1,000Mb/monthly data storage and 100,00 notes and 250 notebooks.


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