Web Content Management Systems, which are also commonly referred to as CMS programs, have grown to be very popular tools for the administrator and web master. If you have very little knowledge of programming languages and other markup languages that are needed to create or manage a website, you need to look for a powerful CMS system that will make designed and administering the website all the easier. With so many different CMS systems available to choose from, picking the right program can be an overwhelming and daunting task. MODX has been dedicated to revolutionizing the world of CMS with their long awaited CMS program. Read through this honest MODX CMS review and decide if you have finally found the right program that matches your needs and your budget.



MODX is PHP, MySQL base system and released their new CMS software program on July 21, 2010. It was a rebuild of their popular Evolution CMS system and eliminated most of the limitations of the prior edition. The Revolution edition is full of descriptive menus and is extremely easy to navigate through. The new program is extremely responsive and does not have a lag. Compared to other systems on the market, the Revolution is said to be one of the most powerful and is extremely expandable.

Types of Editions

As previously mentioned, there is more than one MODX CMS program available on the market today. The brand's Evolution edition was the first to be released and was extremely popular among administrators. While this system was popular, it lacked the power and versatility that many administrators were looking for. With the release of the newer and more powerful Revolution CMS system, administrators have been nothing but happy. The newer program can be used for more expansive websites and there is a very obvious improvement in performance. The newest Revolution system can be customized with add-ons and changes in the settings as well.


One important factor you should consider when you are shopping for a CMS system is how easy the system is to install. If you settle on a system and you cannot install it yourself, it will not do you much good. The MODX CMS Revolution is extremely easy to install. Unlike other powerful and expansive systems, the installation process is extremely fast. Most of the work is performed by the system and you only have to react just a few times to select the 'New Installation' button and to enter your login information. After you complete the installation process you can enter your login and get started right away.


You cannot make a choice without knowing what features are offered in the program. Obviously, there is no way to describe all of the features you will be able to use with this program. In this MODX CMS Review, only the best features will be listed. Make sure that you realize more features are offered but these are the features that make the system stand out:

  • Right click menus for easy navigation through the CMS
  • A cache system with fine grained options so you can cache any element
  • Ability to expand or override any part of the system for customization
  • Features to integrate your CMS system with other applications
  • Developers can create add-ons and Transport Packages
  • Contexts so you can assign different views to your site easily
  • Core Logging gives developers access to better error tracking
  • Tags support multi-line tag calls for easier readability
  • Easy to assign permissions and access to users and developers
  • Easy to change Property Sets


Perhaps the biggest strength of this system is that it is expandable and it can be customized. The powerful system has very convenient help functions for administrators who are stuck. The package management component is another feature you will not find in many CMS programs. It makes downloading and installing your packages quicker and easier than ever. If you want a fast and fun system, MODX has certainly designed a system that will respond quickly.


No CMS system is perfect. While you want to know the strengths of a system, you should also know the weaknesses. One complaint is that you cannot install the system on all root servers. You need to make sure the version of Revolution will support your root server before you make the investment.

Who Should Use MODX?

If you are a developer or an administrator you can benefit from the Revolution system. If you need a system that can be customized and is simple, this program is for you. The powerful system can be expanded for almost any type of website. You will host the site on your own server and the program is open source.

What Kind of Websites Should Use MODX?

MODX Revolution 2 is best used on large sites, which need improved performance and a comprehensive system, and it also allows users to cache any element any way they want; they even have the option to override the default cache in the program and instead use a wide caching like Memcached.


After reading this MODX CMS review you should have a better understanding of the Revolution system. This feature-rich program is built to support all of the newest technologies and is extremely easy to use. If you are looking for power and simplicity, you have certainly found it.

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