One of the many features the Android OS has over other mobile operating systems is the ease of access to the background data on a users device. Though most Android devices come with a default file manager built into the operating system, the stock application normally is lacking in ease of use and advanced functionality. A swarm of developers have worked to fill in the gap with a plethora of file system software filling application stores all over the internet. EStrongs Inc. has their answer to the problem with the ES File Explorer on the Android application store.


All of the basic features of a typical file management application can be found in the ES File Explorer. The application allows users to manage their files through copy and cutting, changing the filenames, file search capability, and changing properties of files and folders within the file system. The program works with your SD card, the system files, and allows some network capability. The graphic interface is also superior to most other file manager application competitors and the application does so with a small file size.

Features and Functionality

Ease of use is built right into the application. The ES File Explorer includes a legend that allows the user to familiarize themselves with each icon's functionality. On top of the basic features noted above, the application also manages, organizes and categorizes files by type. Bluetooth connectivity for file management is included. The application also includes remote FTP file management which is handy for the blogger or webmaster on the go. Files can be sorted in a mulititude of ways; organizational options include sorting by name, file size, file type, or the time the file was last modified in anyway.

Interface and Graphics

The software is extremely easy to navigate. The text/folder size is adjustable and the navigation icons are simple and effective. The software's graphics interface is not only easy to use and innovative, but also allows themes and customizable wallpapers, eye candy for the user that lacks in many applications. Within the settings users can find options for five different themes that are available for the graphic interface as well as the ability to set custom a wallpaper as a background. Folders can also be customized and organized by three different colors.


Some users have reported difficulty in deleting files. Files that have been selected to be deleted have popped up later after the user believed they were gone. Other users have complained about the software wiping clean SD card from all of their files. Though this might be off-setting for some Android users looking for a file system manager application, the instances are rare and happen in many task manager software. The software seems to be stable compared to other competitors in the Android market. You can visit the official site of ES File Explorer Android apps here: EStrongs Inc.

ES File Explorer

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