When it comes to the debt most Americans struggle with the real culprit is a lack of budget and financial organization. The problem is that most were never taught how to take control and keep track of their finances. Financisto is an Android app that helps individuals do just that. It is a personal finance manager you can carry with you at your convenience, and it will help keep your money transactions on track.

The Financisto Android app, designed by developer Denis Solonenko of Singapore, falls under the category of finance app. It can be downloaded for free to your smartphone, PDA, tablet, and any other electronic device that supports Android. It allows users to keep track of multiple bank accounts from the same location. This greatly simplifies things as users can access various accounts with ease. Financisto even operates on different currencies to accommodate international accounts.

For travelers, Financisto features a home currency and exchange rate to facilitate financial transactions. Individuals with this finance app can transfer funds and schedule recurring transactions to simplify chores such as paying monthly bills, eliminating pesky late charges. You can customize reminders in the form of ringtones, vibrations, or LED lights so that there is no way you miss a payment.

Financisto allows you to split transactions and customize attributes for hierarchical categories as well. Cloud back up, including Google Docs and Dropbox are also featured on the app, while daily automatic backups keep all your information secure. Financisto also provides individuals with regular reports regarding earnings and expenditures according to a range of categories. This feature keeps you updated at all times so that you can correct poor spending choices before they spiral out of control.

Financisto has experienced some problems with Google Docs Backup. The problem has been resolved, however, resolution required a few sacrifices. Individuals can no longer restore data from old files or edit backup files directly from Google Docs. The benefit is that, because the files are much smaller uploading time is much faster. Unfortunately, Financisto developers admit that there may still be small glitches from time to time.

Another drawback is the PIN feature. Financisto requires users to enter a personal PIN for access to the app. The widget that comes with the app, however, requires users to reenter the PIN at every login, rendering it virtually useless.

Financisto received 4.5 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers. Their biggest praise was in regards to the app’s wide range of features. However, this can be a double-edged sword of sorts. The sheer number of options can make it hard to keep track of anything at first. However, after some quality time spent studying Financisto’s many features, individuals should soon be able to easily take advantage of all the app has to offer.

Interested in getting your finances under control with the help of Financisto? Go to the official site: www.financisto.com and download now for free. Or visit the Android market to get it on your smartphone or tablet.


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