There are several launcher options downloadable from the Android Market. There is one addition to the family though that has users nodding in approval. A comprehensive Android App - GO Launcher Ex review will let you know that this new application does not look inappropriate in comparison to other home replacement applications.

Brief Description

The GO Launcher EX is a newcomer in contrast to other Android launchers like the ADW and the LauncherPro which are two of the most popular applications. Previously called Go Launcher, the EX in its name stands for “Extra.” This is because it has improved further by the GO Development Team than its original version. You can visit the official blog of GO Launcher Android apps here:

GO Launcher EX Features

This application is similar to the other alternative launchers which can be employed by Android users. This has a large number of features which you can take advantage of like the other Android offerings. The default dock of the launcher is somewhat identical to LauncherPro most probably because of the five familiar icons. When you scroll to the right or to the left, you will see a number of places where you can position your applications. You can set the amount that you would like to use according to your preferences.

You will notice that the key concept of this new launcher is the choices of the users mainly because there are virtually endless possibilities with this application. The wide ranging number of selections is best displayed with the home screens. Up to 30 can be used at once. Although not a lot of people will go that far in exploiting all of them, the total number is impressive nonetheless. You will also be pleased to learn that even when you have used up all the 30 available home screens on your phone, it will not cause your mobile to slow down.

The launcher has more tricks to show particularly with its many unique features. There are two additional tabs which are already in position when you access the app drawer. Aside from the “All” tab that accommodates the applications, you can find the “Running” and the “Recent” tabs.

The “Recent” tab is exactly what you think it is but the “Running” tab is what you can compare to a computer’s task manager. The best part is that with just a single push on the screen, this will provide the interaction options for all running apps. You can lock, close, check info, or go to for any of these running applications. The only minor issue that users observe is when they long-press an app is that doing this will trigger editing mode.

All in all, GO Launcher EX is a superb supplement to the launcher landscape for Android systems. It is easy to use and comes with a wide range of customizable options. Best of all, this has a free price tag that you can download exclusively on the Android Market.

GO Launcher Ex

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