This is extension method to find the total number of files in a folder. There is one exception. It will omit the system restricted file which can not be accessed. Recursively call itself to calculate subdirectories.

Code Snippet

    <Extension()> _
    Public Function GetTotalFiles(ByVal di As DirectoryInfo) As Int32


            Dim total As Int32
            total += di.GetFiles().Length

            Dim dis As DirectoryInfo() = di.GetDirectories()

            For Each d As DirectoryInfo In dis
                total += d.GetTotalFiles()

            Return total

            Return 0
        End Try

    End Function

Sample Usage

Dim di As New DirectoryInfo("C://MyFolder")
Dim fileCount = di.GetTotalFiles()


Need to import following to use this method

Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices
Imports System.IO

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