Function to auto generate the new folder name.

Code Snippet

using System.IO;

class FileManager
	public static string GetNewFolderName(string currentFolder) 
		int newFldCount = Directory.GetDirectories(currentFolder, "New folder*", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly).Length;
		return string.Format("New folder{0}", (newFldCount > 0) ? string.Format(" ({0})", newFldCount + 1) : string.Empty);

Sample Usage

string newFolderName = FileManager.GetNewFolderName(@"C:\MyFolder");


If there is no folder named "New folder", output will be "New folder". If it is already exist, then output will be "New folder (2)", "New folder (3)", "New folder (4)" and so on ...

Categories : Programming, C#
Tags : Folder, IO, File Operation

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