What's better than a great Android app? An Android app that you can get for free, of course! Though the Android Market still lags behind the Apple App Store in the number of apps that they have to offer, but recently it has become a rather close race as some of the popular iOS apps have found their way into Android devices, some of them are even free. Here is a short list of some of the very best apps you can get from the Android Market for absolutely free.

1. ES File Explorer

One of the great file manager app which can explore phones internal files, the SD cards, your computer's files via LAN, Bluetooth and even from FTP servers. It's so powerful and feature-rich.

2. Financisto

It's open-source personal finance manager app. With this app you can easily track your income, expense and budget. It have alot of different settings and features to help optimise the users experience.

3. GO Launcher Ex

It's the most popular home app in market. It's superb supplement to the launcher landscape for Android systems and can be personalized extremely fancy home screen transition.

4. Advanced Task Killer Free

Even if you switch from one application to another, the previous one is still open and using up a lot of your phone's resources, making it run sluggishly. If you want your Android device to always function at optimum speed download the Advanced Task Killer app from the Android Market. Using this app you can forcibly close the applications that you will not be using anytime soon, making your phone run a lot more smoothly.

5. Angry Birds

Now you can throw those lovable infuriated avians at those little green pigs right on your Android-powered device. You can now do battle with the green pig army by downloading this game for free at the Android Market.

6. Fruit Ninja Free Version

Unleash fruit splattering carnage on your Android device with the Fruit Ninja Free version. This version has all of the fruit slashing, pulp smattering, fun that was in the original game for the iOS; the only thing different about this is that it's completely free.

7. Facebook

Love it or hate it, everyone's favorite social network now also has a free app available for download in the Android Market. The new version of the Facebook app now also supports the new Timeline feature of Facebook.

8. SimSimi

If you find yourself bored without anyone to talk to, why not talk with the cute yellow talking ball SimSimi. SimSimi is a chatting application that can supposedly respond to your every query, even if you are using a different language! If you ever do input something that SimSimi does not have a response to, you can actually teach him (or her?) the correct response.

9. Sneezies

Probably one of the best chain reaction games that was released for the iOS, Sneezies are now available for free on Android devices. Try and free as many Sneezies as you can by sprinkling some sneezing powder on one of them and watch as a cute chain reaction of sneezing furballs fill the screen.

10. TextTwist 2 Lite

The sequel to one of the most popular word puzzle games of all times can now be downloaded for free for Android devices. Challenge your brain and expand your vocabulary with this word game that just gets better every time you play.

These are just some of the best apps in the Google Android Market that you can download and use for free. Who says you have to spend money to make the best use of your Android smartphone?

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