Everyone has been there where something goes wrong and the only thing the computer tells you is “runtime error”. This can be frustrating because who knows what that means! A runtime error is an error that allows Windows to keep running. The opposite of a runtime error is a stop error. When a stop error occurs, Windows stops working while a runtime error just causes the program you’re using to quit work. It stops you from what you’re doing but it isn’t quite a stop error. But how do you prevent runtime errors from happening?

So what causes a runtime error?

A runtime error normally indicates a compatibility problem. If you experienced a runtime error a few years ago, it would’ve told you the program you’re using isn’t compatible with the operating system on your computer. Developers would have had to rework the software to determine what exactly the problem was, and then they try and figure out a way to fix the particular program.

An issue with compatibility

Today these errors happen when the version of Windows is not compatible with the program you are trying to run. Suppose you’re running Windows 7 programs on Windows XP. This will cause a problem because they work together. There would be a runtime error. If the files have become corrupt, it will also cause a runtime error. The program can’t run correctly because not the entire program is there. To fix those kinds of problems, you need to reinstall the program to make up for the missing or incorrect files. Updating windows is also a good idea to make sure that all of the Windows files on your computer are correct and uncorrupted.

Get rid of the spyware

Few people realize the damage spyware can do to their computers and their files. If you reinstall the program and there are still problems with running the program, it means that you may not have eliminated the problem. Spyware can often be the cause of this problem. Spyware uses files that Windows would normally be using. That cause compatibility issues between Windows and whatever the program is that you are trying to run.

Maintain your registry files

Many runtime errors are caused by some sort of corruption in the registry of Windows. The easiest way to remove any error is to use a registry cleaner. There are many different registry cleaners so choose a trustworthy one. The registry cleaner will go through your registry and clean up any files. The registry is where your computer goes to verify files. It is important that the files in there are clean and well maintained.

Runtime errors can be infuriating. You think everything is fine until all of a sudden things aren’t working right. By insuring that your computer is compatible with your programs, you make sure there is no spyware within your system and keeping your registry clean you can avoid runtime errors. Runtime errors are common occurrences for most computer users and they can be avoided.

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