There are many different inkjet printers. They are offered in cheap, low-range all the way up to high-end, ultra expensive printers for high quality printing. For most home offices or personal use a cheaper inkjet is fine. If you’re printing out documents or low quality pictures, it is perfectly fine to use one of the cheaper versions of an inkjet. If you’re looking to create high quality pictures, brochures or other marketing paper products, a more expensive inkjet is the way to go. The more expensive the inkjet, the better resolution and the higher quality you will receive.

Portable Inkjets

Just as all printers come in varieties, inkjet offers several different kinds of printers. There are printers for the professional on the go requiring printing everywhere they go. Some of these printers weigh less than 5 pounds allowing them to be easily brought along wherever they are needed. They often are battery powered and connect to your computer by a USB cable, allowing you to print nearly anywhere. They can produce high quality photos and be carried with you wherever you go. Some of these printers also connect with your digital camera, allowing you to print directly from the camera. Inkjets come in many different sizes and shapes. Whether you are seeking portability or durability there is an inkjet that matches your style.

The Standard Inkjet

There also are the standard inkjets. The inkjets that are meant to stay in one place but operate great. Most of these standard basic office or home printers will have 3 different modes: draft, standard and quality. Draft is exactly what it sounds like. It is a draft of what you’re printing. It is going to use as little ink as possible to give a pretty good idea of what you’re printing. Standard is what most people use. It is what you would use for printing out letters or simple documents. Quality is going to be for the very important documents. Any images you print you will want to be set on quality. Using these three different settings you can fulfill most personal or small business needs. But if that doesn’t work for you, there are also the higher quality inkjets.

Lay on the Speed

Inkjet got its reputation because it is a fast printer, exceeding the average pages print per minute. Print per minute or PPM is the speed at which the printer prints pages and how smoothly it can print high quality pictures. People recognize inkjets for its dominance in that field. Inkjet’s resolution is also quite exceptional. Resolution is measured in dots per inch which means that because inkjets spray tiny drops of ink onto paper, are great in that department as well. The DPI of inkjet printers is higher than average and the image is crisper and of far better quality than normal. Inkjets are fast machines but they also are high quality. By mastering both speed and quality inkjet is quickly becoming a household name.

For the Frequent Printers

There are some people who require more out of their printer than others. If you are printing more than 30 pages a day, you may want to consider the following. Few people think about the memory capacity of their printer when purchasing it. The memory that is built into the printer is the RAM. RAM is very important to your printer’s lifespan and quality. Some people may want to consider adding extra memory to their printer if they plan on using it excessively. Most modern printers include memory card slots or a place you can attach external memory drives using a USB cable. These slots also allow users to print photos from the digital camera with the use of a computer. Printers also should have a good paper handling tray. On average a printer’s paper tray can hold approximately 250 pages. If printing is an every 15 minutes occurrence for your printer, you may want to see if there are add on trays to increase the paper handling capabilities. For some people printing is very important. If you are constantly printing out something, you may want to consider the above conditions to make sure you choose the right printer and that it lasts a long time.

Pay Per Print

Ink is a fundamental part of the printing process. That is why everyone should consider the price of ink before purchasing a printer. The price of ink varies depending on where you buy it and what kind of printer you have. There are many online stores offering ink cartridges at a cheaper price, but if it starts at an outrageous price, it might not go down that far. Sometimes an inexpensive printer has extremely pricey ink cartridges. It is always important to check the prices for the ink cartridges before purchasing a printer.

Printers are something that varies for each person. Some people do not need a printer that much while others would not leave the house without their portable printer. Deciding which kind of printer to buy is an individual choice. An inkjet is always a great choice, but not all inkjets are the same.

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