Many people are singing the praises for fiber optic broadband. It seems that all you can ever hear are the positives but none of the negatives. What is the correct picture of fiber optic broadband? Well the first thing to be cautious of with the fiber optic broadband is how long it is going to be around. It seems like every few years technology leapfrogs itself. At first it was dial-up then standard, so how long is fiber optic going to be around?

The realistic picture

Business that may be considering fiber optic broadband as a way to keep up with the technological world should feel comfortable with their choice in the longevity fiber optic broadband. Many experts in the technological field have assured that the fiber optics is “future proof”. That means that businesses can trust in the growth opportunities in the high capacity fiber optics broadband. It is not likely that the technology will be surpassed in the next few decades. Prices may seem high but this technology is great for your business. Fiber optics could bring you more business over your competition.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Just because of the fiber optics are so much better, that doesn’t mean the common copper cable is going to disappear completely. Many companies are currently using the fiber optic broadband but copper cable is a staple in the industry. Fiber optic offers better speed, capacity and securities which can mean other business are getting miles ahead of you. If there are speed problems with your computer, if loading is slow on your website or if the website has crashed repeatedly due to major traffic, you could benefit from fiber optic broadband. These problems are a signal that your current broadband service isn’t able to handle the magnitude of your business. The problems will only increase as the technology online surpasses the technology your business is using. Fiber optic broadband is the future and if your business does not keep up with changing times, you will lose customers and money.

So what is the deal?

Fiber optic broadband is fast but the speed does vary according to providers. Promotional marketing gives various different speeds, some of which are accurate and some of which that aren’t. Fortunately for customers, the speeds advertised and the speeds received are beginning to be similar. Every year the speeds are growing. On early fiber optic broadband, it was possible to get up to about 40Mb. Now with the increase of fiber optics, speeds are closer and exceed 80Mb. In the UK, there are studies trying to increase the fiber optic broadband speed up to 300Mb. The future may increase the speed of the technology as well as the speed at which you can do business.

Using fiber optic broadband can increase your business. If you are not already using fiber optic broadband you are falling behind other businesses. Using the fiber optic broadband will help you stand out amongst all the other business vying for your customers’ business.

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Author : Milo Nash

I have over 6 years of experience varying position such as server administartor, hardware engineer, network engineer. I also do freelance work. Currently working on a UK based online game company.

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