Anyone who works with security cameras know how frustrating it can be. A lot of this frustration can be relieved by a DVR Security Camera. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is very much like the TiVo that you use to record television. DVR Security Cameras are a huge leap forward in the security video recording world.

Save Space

Before DVR security systems, everything was recorded on analog tapes which had to be stored somewhere. The recording now is extremely enhanced and now requires much less room to store things on. Using a DVR security system, there is no need for large rooms to hold all of the security recordings, simply a hard drive which can hold hundreds of hours of footage. The footage can also be sent directly to a cloud storage, which can hold an innumerable amount of footage.


There are many more benefits to DVR security systems besides space. Tapes have the disadvantage of disintegrating after awhile. Tapes can corrode and you’re left with warehouses full of dust. Digital recordings do not corrode. They do not get misplace or accidently dropped in a puddle. If you look at the recordings on a DVR security system, they are just as clear as the day they were recorded whether it’s a month ago or a decade ago. The DVR security systems offer clean, small, great security system footage.

The Ease of Digital Storage

Say you need to find a recording from 5 days ago. Pretty easy, right? What about 5 years ago? Different story completely. Searching for an analog tape amongst thousands of tapes could take weeks! Digital storage involved with DVR security systems allows you to search the archives with a few key strokes. You can simply pull up the footage from a search rather than having to swim through mounds of analog tapes.

Better Quality

Image quality often plays a factor in security cameras. Analog videos often have severe tape defects. If the tapes have not been kept properly or there has been any damage done, it is hard to salvage an analog tape. DVR security systems are different. Because they are digital they can’t be damaged. It also helps in the case that you may want to enhance them. Instead of having to load an analog over to a digital format, you simply have the digital format sitting in your computer. Over time analog tapes lose their clarity, DVR security systems never do.

No Recording Over

Most people who use an analog security system reuse the tapes. Every few months, they recycle the tapes and record over them. Unfortunately the more you rerecord the more quality you lose. It is a more cost effective way to use an analog system, but after only a few recordings, the footage is indecipherable. DVR security camera systems do not have that problem. Because the files are small and can be stored in nearly endless places there is no need to record over them. If you don’t need to keep them, you simply delete them and there is no hassle at all.

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