Anyone who has ever experienced a truly dead laptop battery knows how frustrating it can be. Laptops are meant to be taken anywhere and everywhere, and yet you're tethered to a wall because your battery can't last 5 minutes. Fortunately there are ways to preserve the life of your battery so it will be a long time before you get there. Before beginning to worry about your battery, there are a few things to consider.


No company will ever give you an exact run time of your battery. That is because there are many different things that factor into calculating the run time of a battery. To calculate the runtime, you need to determine how much power these different parts of the laptop consume. That includes the monitor, the hard drive, accessories such as CD drive or external hard drives. Run time is an imperfect calculation because it requires so much information that depends on different computers, with different uses, with different usage patterns. The more things you add to the equation, the more confusing it gets. Things such as USB devices and activity rates all factor into the run time. You will never see a company guaranteeing a run time, but you can get run time expectancies. Fortunately, run time is not the only thing to consider when buying a laptop battery.

Buying the New Battery

If you buy a new battery, it will last about as long as the old battery ran for. However, sometimes the new battery does run a bit longer than the old one did. Notebooks and laptops use lighter and smaller batteries versus the large batteries that are most frequently sold. These larger batteries are expressed in different terms, amperes, mil amperes or volts to be exact. To figure out the run time of the new battery, simply multiply volts and amps. These new batteries can increase the longevity of your computer but make certain that you do not cause a short in your computer.


There are many people who calculate run time of batteries in different, sometimes useful ways. Some of these people believe the higher voltage consumed will lead to more watt hours consumed. The rate at which it is consumed depends on amps as well. Using your laptop manual, you can find the watt hour usage for your laptop battery. This will also give you the exact specifications of your laptop battery. These manuals are thick, dull reads but they can prove to give important information. The more you know about your laptop and laptop battery, the more you can ensure you are getting the best quality work from your laptop. These manuals can also include tips and tricks to help increase the life of your battery. By reading these manuals, you can learn ways to avoid dead batteries.

It is always frustrating to watch your battery die. Fortunately the newer batteries on the market can last longer. Next time you are shopping to buy a new battery for your laptop, read through the manual and shop around to find the best battery for you.

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