Technology is essential to our daily lives and it has integrated itself completely. Using technology, anyone can organize their lives, cut down on how much paper they use, and speak with people all across the globe. With the advent of the portable personal computer, more and more people are remaining attached to their computer 24/7. Android is another company hoping to improve the experience of portable personal computer users.

Another Portable Computer?

Apple set the president for portable computers. The iPad rocketed the technological world to new heights and it doesn’t look like things are coming down any time soon. Now other companies are attempting to get their slice of the pie by creating other portable computers. On February 13, 2012, Samsung announced the all new Low Cost Android 4.0 Tablet.

What Makes this Tablet Special?

This new Android tablet offers a 1GHZ dual core processor, 7-inch screen and 1024 by 600 megapixel resolution. It is the next step in Samsung’s line of tablets and offers two services for the price of one. It can also work as a phone! It offers 3G and uses High Speed Packet Access to allow customers the flexibility of it all. It is super small on top of all that! It is only 10.5 millimeters thick weighing in at only 344 grams. For anyone not aware that is pretty light weight for a portable computer. It is smaller than the iPad 2 and has a much smaller price. An 8G-32G MicroSD card port is also included to give customers extra memory. The 4.0 also has a battery that can last up to 39 hours.

Not As Great as Anticipated

Unfortunately for Samsung, the tablet isn’t going over so well with the populace. Compared with other tablets in the same ballpark and market as the Android 4.0, it isn’t that low cast. The Android 4.0 Tablet is priced at $350. Compared to iPad 2, an outrages $499, it doesn’t seem that bad. Then again those who are going to buy an iPad 2 aren’t going to settle for an Android 4.0. Samsung lost their market because they charged too much for the product. Consumers are already dropping hints and anticipating the Android 5.0. The price can be explained away by Samsung as much as they would like, unfortunately consumers aren’t listening. With a price just beyond most consumers’ comfortable reach, it looks like the Android 4.0 might be a flop.

We all love our computers, the access to the ever growing technological world, the entertainment, but price is something that can make or break a computer for us. Though the Android 4.0 Tablet has all the tell tale signs of a great computer, people can’t get behind buying it because they can get a computer of similar technology for a much smaller price. If you ignore the price, it’s a great computer, but most of us don’t have the luxury of ignoring the price. Samsung did well when building the Android 4.0 Tablet but did not follow through with the price.

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Author : Bobbi Preston

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