Schooling today takes place almost as much online as it does in the classroom. College students need to have a computer to succeed. Fortunately there are hundreds of laptop companies clambering to take their money. Every company offers some laptop that is "perfect for college". But which laptop is really best for college?

What are the Criteria?

Now most companies would tell you that all college needs are the same but that is completely untrue. Some majors require special design programs. Art majors require programs to translate their art to digital forms. The computers that those students need are not the same. Also there are specific needs for each student that aren't always tied to their major. Whether the student is working a job while going to college, or prefers to party than study, or is trying to finish a 4 year program in 2, there are different requirements for their laptop. Deciding what you need in your college laptop is the first step to buying the right laptop.


For On the Go

One of the great parts of college is the freedom. Late nights spent in the library cramming to make up for the late nights partying. Or maybe you're just trying to balance your time between class and a part time job. There are many college students doing homework any spare second they can find. Anywhere they can find a place to set up their laptop they are working on their homework, whether it's in a coffee shop, a library or in your bed at 4 o'clock in the morning. For these students, the portability of a laptop is a key. No one wants to carry around a twenty pound laptop and have to find an electrical socket to charge their computer wherever they go. A laptop with a good battery life, that is also light and easy to keep with you, is great for the college student on the go.

The Hardcore Studier

Some students just live their lives in the library. If you're the kind of person who blocks out 8 hours at a time to write a paper then a more midrange laptop will work for you. You do not want your wrists to be sore or to be constantly making typos because of an extra small keyboard. Midrange computers are generally a bit bigger but they offer the comfort of a larger display and a larger keyboard. That means that during the study marathons, your eyes do not need to strain as much. These laptops can still be carried to class, to the library, and home, but they are a bit heavier.

The Entertainer

Some students are quicker than others and they don't require as much studying. Others just don't want to study as much. These students may prefer a laptop geared more towards entertainment. Part of being a college student is making friends and hosting parties. These laptops are great for any student looking to have a little bit more fun. These laptops now offer Blu-ray, large clear displays, and sound comparable to a speaker system. If getting to the entertainment is important to you, perhaps a laptop that features these things would be best for you. Gamers will also appreciate these laptops. Today's games require extensive graphics and video cards. Having a good sound system doesn't hurt either. Gamers will appreciate the speed and the quality that they can get from such laptops. If you're a gamer, you're also going to want these laptops that offer such excellent display and quick processing.

The Tablet

There are other college students that stay closer to home. They do not need to take their computer that much. These are students who don't need to type too much or take a large amount of notes in class. For those students, a tablet PC might be a great choice because it is more efficient, cheaper and allows for them to stay in contact constantly. Either computers through the school or a desktop computer back in the dorm can be used if necessary. Tablets are also great for organizing the life of students. With calendars and alerts, busy students can assure that they do not miss a thing. Tablets are also a great way to keep track of homework and when it is due.

Laptops are an important part of the college experience these days. Some universities also offer discounts on laptops to their students. Checking with the university before purchasing a laptop would be beneficial. There are some schools that require students to use a specific type of laptop or a laptop that is formatted to their standards. Double checking with the school to make sure of their standards never hurts. College is a big job. Make sure you have the right tools for it.

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