Creating a fully-fledged online store is always a perplexing task for both a beginner and a professional web developer. But with the help of eCommerce platforms, you can design and develop an interactive and appealing online store in minutes. There are plenty of options out there in the market that can help you create a well-designed web store. But if you want to be successful, you need to opt for the best eCommerce solution.

Both Magento and osCommerce are excellent eCommerce solutions that let you create the top-notch online store from scratch in minutes. Both the platforms offer a ton of advanced features that can make your job a lot easier. But most of the users get confused between the two and find difficulties in finding the best solution. To help you utilize the best platform, we bring you the comparison between the Magento and osCommerce solutions. This comparison will help you find the best solution for your eCommerce needs.

Hosting Plan

Hosting Plan

However, Magento is a feature-rich application, but its complexity empowers online store owners to use a hosting plan that can offer a lot of storage space and robust support. Thus, we would recommend you to opt for the reputed VPS hosting service providers because they offer a huge amount of disk space. On the other side, osCommerce online store owners can go with the shared web hosts offering unlimited storage/ disk space.


Both the Magento and osCommerce are an open source eCommerce solution. This means you can download, install and use at free of cost. However, Magento comes with two versions: Community version and Executive version. You can use the community version for free, but if you want to integrate additional features, you need to buy the executive version, which may require a certain amount of money. So, Magento is a perfect option for those who are hosting a large scale of the website and can afford the pro version. But for smaller businesses, you need to stick with the osCommerce platform.

Multiple Store

When it comes to the multiple stores functionally, Magento is the only eCommerce platform that allows you to create and manage multiple stores in different languages with different approaches with ease. On the other side, osCommerce empowers people to build and manage only one store to promote or sell their product and service online.


When we compare these eCommerce platforms, then Magento is quite a new software because it rolls out its latest version on the regular bases with more advanced features and fixes. Even, developers can also improve their web development projects with new and key features. On the other hand, the osCommerce is not frequent in rolling out its latest versions. So, it is better to choose a Magento if you want the updated version of eCommerce platform.

Payment Gateway and Discount functionality


Magento supports almost all payment methods and offers an extensive range of payment gateway options. This allows customers to pay the payments online against the purchase of products, without any hindrance. But, the osCommerce doesn’t offer limited options when it comes to the payment gateway. In fact, it is super easy to find discounts and special offers with Magento offering coupons, product summary and additional features that are not offered by the osCommerce platform.


Both the eCommerce platforms are powerful in terms of functionality and reliability. But if you want to reap the maximum benefits, then Magento will be an ideal solution for you. You can use this platform if you are having a large scale of business or want to develop multiple stores. On the other hand, osCommerce is a decent option that can be used by small businesses. It is a free, reliable and intuitive eCommerce solution that lets you create a simple online store. Ultimately, the final decision is yours, so wisely choose the most suitable eCommerce platform.

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