There are various features that Windows 8 offers to people looking for a reliable and top class operating system (OS). These features are the reason why it is considered as one of the most highly anticipated product releases in the Information Technology (IT) for 2012.

The first one is that supports smart books and computers based on x86. This brand new release is compatible with the standard desktop PC, tablets and android phones. The one-of-a kind client interface that it offers allows anyone to use it without any problems at all.

Young professionals also benefit with this new development since they can carry their tablets anywhere they go for their work and leisure. Microsoft has a reliable team of tech experts so anyone that has any issues with their product can ask for assistance immediately.

The next one is that it has a faster loading time. This product requires ten seconds less loading period compared with Windows 7. The reason is that it keeps the information from the previous session before closing down. This shortens the loading time.

The start tab and metro interface of Windows 8 is also different from its predecessor. Programmers have replaced the traditional company start tab and replaced it with an arranged tiled format of applications on the start menu. Because of their natural size, they are shown based on important real-time data.

For example, the weather forecasting program shows information about the weather for the day and the social application program shows the latest information in the user’s social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from that, they can also modify the tiles that they want to see on their start-up menu. For traditional PC users, there are some mouse procedures that they needed to know so that they will be able to work well with the new user interface of the program.

The full screen application of this Windows edition shows up in wide screen without needing control tabs. When needed, the user can open the settings application to manage it. The size of the program windows can also be manipulated with the alt+tab keys on the keyboard.

Another excellent feature of this operating system is that users will now have an easier time copying files and looking for data in their PC. This newest Windows version keeps a log of all the document transfers in one folder compared with older operating system versions released by the organization. It allows people to do the tasks independently and without any outside interference.

Last but not the least; the Windows 8 OS is compatible with the latest version of USB. Users can plug-in their USB stick in their computer without worrying if they will have any problems at all.

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