Windows 8 OS is the new release of Microsoft for Desktop PC’s, laptop computer and tablet devices. The tablet manufacturing industry benefits from this release since they will have the same advantages available only to traditional computer systems previously. The main difference that a user will immediately see is that it has a new start tab. The developers have used tiles for the different Microsoft programs so clients will not have a tough time navigating through the framework.

They are also considered a terrific addition to the whole interface since they automatically update the user to the new development of Windows. A superb example is the tab for emails, which will display the newest emails without opening the actual program. Users will be able to arrange the tabs according to the frequency of use. Another terrific addition to this new system is the online store. Customers can now acquire various web applications from their own personal computer.

The good news is that most of the available applications are free so it will not place an additional burden to the finances of customers. Although the interface has remained user-friendly, it will still take a considerable amount of time for first-time users to familiarize themselves with the whole set-up because of the new additions. A user can just click the upper right corner of their monitor and choose from the various available programs.

Even with the significant changes made by the company with Windows 8, there are still some aspects needed to be change. The first one is that if there are a lot of open applications, the user may found it challenging to switch quickly from each one. Aside from that, for people that do not have a touch screen PC like an iPAD and tablet, they will find it difficult to browse around.

Technology-challenged individuals will also find it disappointing that Microsoft has not enhanced the description for each program. Some consumers reported that during the installation of the OS, the only message that they have seen is “please wait for a moment”. It does not properly explain the whole process.

Despite these issues, most computer experts believe that upgrading to the system is still worthwhile. Users will be able to enjoy new things that are not available with Windows 7. But they must be prepared to wait for hours while their old files are being transferred to the new operating system.

Windows 8 is available through the official website of Microsoft. One advantage of this retail option is that prospective owners living in far areas can order the product online and have it delivered at their doorstep.

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