It’s quite likely that you’re comfortable doing much of the work necessary to get your website up and running. Even if you’re not comfortable doing each and every technical task, there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t take you long to learn enough to do what you need to do. But graphics can be another matter completely.

Custom Graphics

Sometimes it seems like the most difficult aspect of finalizing or updating your website is making your website header, logo or other graphics, and getting them to look just the way you want. Fortunately, there are freelancer websites through which you can connect with designers who can prepare whatever graphics you need, at a mutually agreed upon price.

The two leading freelancer websites are and Each of these services tracks their freelancers throughout all of the projects they perform through the site, and provide prospective clients with the opportunity to review a verified work history as well as prior customer feedback. If you decide to pursue a project on one of these sites, you’ll also be able to keep track of the contractor’s progress on your work, in order to verify that they’re on schedule to meet your deadline.

Finally, oDesk also asks its contractors to take various types of skills tests (which vary depending on the contractor’s area of expertise), so you can have a higher degree of confidence that you’re getting someone who’s qualified to do the work you’re requesting.

Both oDesk and elance are well suited to longer term relationships and larger scale projects. If you have a relatively small or simple project, another great option is the website As you might expect from the name, the freelancers on do their work for five dollars per project.

The process for using Fiverr is very simple. You first search for service providers (click the “Graphics” link on the right hand menu to find freelancers who provide graphics work) and find a person who specializes in the type of graphic you’re looking for. Some providers will focus on logos or stylized headshots, while others may have the most experience in header or banner-sized graphics. When you find a service provider, you make a $5 payment via PayPal or credit card, and provide the information the seller needs. You’ll generally also have the opportunity to request modifications to the graphic if your contractor hasn’t performed up to your specifications.

If you decide to use something less formal than one of the freelancer sites mentioned above (perhaps by searching for assistance on Craigslist), make sure you clearly document your agreement with the person you retain, and make clear that after you pay for the work you have exclusive rights to it. Some people might characterize the freelancer websites as being too formal and too much hassle, but they can free you from documenting the legal aspects of retaining someone to do your custom graphics work.

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