It’s hard to argue with the success and popularity of WordPress. Approximately 15% of the top million websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress, and nearly a quarter of all new websites run on WordPress. But not all of these websites are in a traditional blog format. In fact, WordPress is a very capable framework for creating a website that looks nothing like a blog.

In the broadest sense, WordPress software is actually a content management system (“CMS”). WordPress manages and stores the content you create, and provides a way to display it when someone comes to your website. Blogging is one of the most popular applications of WordPress software, but it is by no means the only one.


Change Your Mindset

It’s important to come into your new website project with the appropriate mindset, particularly if you have prior experience with WordPress blogs. You shouldn’t be thinking in terms drafting blog posts that will get displayed on your homepage; instead begin to think in terms of the “pages” and other website components that you’ll create within WordPress. WordPress, along with its available plugins, provides an easy way to draft and organize virtually any the elements of a traditional website.

Find an Appropriate Theme

While you could customize virtually any WordPress theme so that it looks nothing like a traditional blog, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by starting out with a theme designed for a non-blog website. WordPress themes described as having a “magazine,” “portfolio,” “ecommerce” or “corporate” focus can be a great place to start. Look first for a theme that matches your overall website goals, then for themes having advanced features and customizability that could benefit your website.

Don’t Rule Out a Business Website Based on WordPress

Speaking of “corporate” websites running on WordPress, don’t assume that just because you run a business website WordPress isn’t for you. Many very large and very popular commercial websites run on the WordPress platform. As long as you are using a web host that can handle whatever levels of traffic you anticipate, WordPress is likely to be one of the most reliable and stable platforms for your business website. In addition, there are numerous e-commerce, customer relationship and other commercial transaction plugins that can help you conduct business on your website.

Migrating Away From a Current Blog

Perhaps your current WordPress website is set up as a blog, and you want to transition over to a more traditional looking website. There’s no need to start over, as you might be able to use a new theme or tweak some of your current theme settings to reflect your new website style.

Regardless of the type of website you want to create, WordPress can often be a solid solution. Even if you elect to purchase custom or commercial themes to help your website stand out from your competitors’ websites, the total costs are likely to be much lower than starting from scratch.

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