Getting enough traffic to your website will likely be the biggest single factor in determining whether or not your site is successful. While it’s always possible to get additional traffic by advertising or paying for referrals, those methods of generating traffic cost money. And even if you’re willing to spend that money, you can’t always be sure about the quality of that traffic. After all, a new visitor isn’t worth much if they simply leave your site after a few seconds.

Website Traffic

Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to boost your website traffic at little or no cost.

Become More Active on Social Networking Websites

It’s possible to drive traffic to your website by becoming more active on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For many users, these sites are becoming a virtual substitute for the Internet as a whole. While a lot of people used to surf a bunch of websites looking for things to read or be entertained by, many now just log in to their favorite few social networking sites instead.

But that doesn’t mean you can just set up a Facebook account, Twitter feed and Pinterest board and start hawking your site. Advertising and aggressive marketing efforts are not well received on those sites, and could even lead to your accounts being closed.

So it’s important to have a plan on how you are going to use social networking to gain new traffic. The most important principle is to be genuine and either entertaining or educational. Post things that you think other people will be actually interested in (whether it’s from your website or not). Don’t ask people to visit your site, but convince them that you are enough of an authoritative source, and that you know the kinds of things they’re interested in, so they should want to do so.

Participate in Comments

You can comment on articles that are posted on other websites in order to drive traffic back to your site, but like with social networking sites, you don’t want to appear to advertising your own site. Comment only when you have something useful or helpful to say, or when you can bring something new to the discussion. Generic comments along the lines of “This is a great article – check out my website here [LINK]” will be received very poorly. Don’t think of commenting as an opportunity to plug your website directly. Instead, consider it to be a way to boost your image, which will make people want to visit your website.

Become a Guest Author

Finally, you can use your expertise in your subject matter area by offering to write articles for other websites. You might think that this would actually be helping those other websites, but it’s customary for a guest author to be able to provide a link back to their own website in the author bio (which usually appears at the beginning or end of the article). When you write a quality article, people will want to know what else you have to say, and be inclined to check out your website.

As you use these various techniques to boost your website traffic, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Even if you’re not spending money on these traffic boosting methods, you are spending your time – so you want to make sure you are doing so most effectively.



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