Over the past decade, the cash cost of developing (as well as hosting and publicizing) websites and web applications has steadily fallen. But whereas in the past you might have expected to pay hundreds of dollars for each piece of software needed to put together a website, today much of that software is available more cheaply. In fact, in some cases, powerful web development software tools are even available for free. Here are five essential web development tools that will cost you absolutely nothing.



Notepad++ is a free text editor that lets you edit any HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or other text-based files. Notepad++ recognizes many different file types, and color codes the various tags and properties within those files to make it easier for you to keep track of the structures you’ve created in each file. Notepad++ also supports macros, so that you can automate much of the routine typing tasks that you face each time you create a new file or program.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE

When you need to work with a number of different files that interact with one another, an integrated design environment such as Eclipse can help you manage the process. You can download free plug-ins to help you maximize your programming power when dealing with popular languages such as PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby. By being able to quickly switch back and forth between related files, and see how the updated files run, you’ll boost your productivity.

Firebug (or Chrome Developer Tools)


Firebug is an add-on to the Firefox web browser, and its primary purpose is to let you view, temporarily modify and debug the CSS and HTML code of any website. This can be extremely useful to help you create and perfect your own websites, but it can also help you learn exactly how other websites have accomplished a certain look that you wish to mirror. With firebug you can easily pull up a website and examine the code and display properties of any particular element on the page.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)


If your web development activities require you to create, manipulate or edit images or graphics, then you’ll need a fast and reliable way to do so. While there are online image editing services that you could use to perform these tasks, such services are often unable to perform certain types of detailed edits and advanced transformations. Furthermore, these services are sometimes unreliable when working with extremely large images. GIMP is a free desktop program that mirrors the vast majority of the features available in expensive software packages such as Photoshop.



Most web hosting services have a web-based interface that allows you to upload files to your hosting account. But when you have dozens or even hundreds of files to upload (particularly if you are uploading a batch of files that has a complicated folder and subfolder structure), these web interfaces are often unreliable. FileZilla is a free FTP client that lets you directly access the folders within your hosted account, and upload or download files directly with the FTP protocol.

Like any tool, the value of any of the programs listed above depends greatly on your willingness to learn and use them. Each of these programs can provide you with significant value and assistance in developing websites.

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