Web hosting reselling is rather easy to get into and can be considered a good way of making some money from the comfort of your home, but it may very well be a competitive market as well. By becoming a web host reseller, you will not even need to have your own servers; you may purchase space from other reputable web host companies and then sell it to your own clients.

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Step 1

You should start by shopping around for the best possible prices. Plenty of popular web host companies will provide wholesale space to their resellers.

Step 2

You should begin by choosing a web host packages. If you will decide for a "whole" package, you may want to also decide how you will want to split it up. A "whole" package will come in one large block of space, and not several pre-split mini packages. Once you have decides on a package, you can start to set your prices.

Step 3

Start to design your very own website for selling the packages. You will be interested in people knowing that you can be trusted and that your business is reliable, so your website will have to look professional. If you think this will be above your skills, it is probably best to hire a professional designer.

Step 4

Start marketing your website any place you can think of. Link exchanges or forum signatures will be great as well as affordable way to start. This will be an important step to take as there will be plenty of competition in web host reselling and ads will be the only way to bring in new clients. You can use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques as well, so that your personal website will start ranking higher with all the major search engines.

Step 5

Try to put around 25% of your entire profit back into your business, if possible, for purchasing more space; you can also advertise and update your website from time to time.

These are only some basic steps which can be used if you are at the beginning of your attempt to become a web hosting reseller. If you feel you need more information about this particular topic, you will only have to make some basic research over the internet which should not take more than a couple of minutes. These days there are a lot of quality tutorials online and they are not that hard to be found at all.

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