There are some basic web site elements that every single site should have. These elements help to make up a successful site that others will not only want to come back to but also recommend to their family and friends. Following is an overview of the elements that a webmaster will want to include in his or her site.


Every website will need a home page. This page is the first page that a potential customer will see. It should clearly display the business name and a short list of which products and/or services the business has to offer. The home page must be simple in design yet attractive.



The about page is also important. It should contain a short explanation of when the company started along with a company's commitment to excellence. Some business owners include a photo of themselves with their family. Doing so is optional, but it can make a business appear friendly and approachable.


Contact information is also important. Some webmasters make a contact page on their site that includes the business address, phone number and email. However, this information can also be placed on the site home page if one so desires. What is important is that the contact information is easy to find.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Every online retail site should have a page with a privacy policy. This page should clearly inform customers that their personal information will be stored in a secure manner and not sold to third parties. A terms of use page is also important and will help potential customers to use the site properly.


Having a sitemap is also important, as it will help a person to find the information that he or she is looking for quickly and easily.

Categories and Tags

A person who is creating a blog should be sure to create both categories and tags. This makes it easy for a person to find a post that he or she is looking for. Categories and tags also inform search engines what the blog post is about and will help a site to get a high rating in its field.

Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons are also important. One does not need buttons from every social media form on his or her site, but a webmaster should be sure that the site home page and blog posts have a Facebook like button, Google + 1 button and Twitter button.

RSS Feed

It is also good for a site to have an RSS subscription button, as subscribing to RSS will allow a person to stay abreast of new posts without having to visit the site on a daily basis.

When creating a website, one will find that there are many widgets, buttons and page options that can be added to the site. However, some elements are more important than others. A good site will have at least the basic web site elements. These elements not only make it easy for a user to browse and/or shop on the site but also help search engines rank the site properly.


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