Most people who've used a computer have encountered some form of Java game, whether it was recommended by a friend or pushed onto you by an advertisement on the Internet. Creating your own Java game is moderately easy and can be a rich, rewarding experience. Making sure you have the fundamentals of Java programming down pat is essential; jumping into Java game creation without knowing the basics will result in unnecessary complication.

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages around and can be observed in all facets of software today, spanning across nearly every operating system and software platform. That said, Java is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, due to its simplified syntax and ever-presence on the Internet. There are many opportunities to learn the language, especially in college; it's slowly becoming the de facto introductory programming course, a spot that the C programming language has held for many years. There's also a plethora of online tutorials available for Java assistance, so make use of them.

Java is an object-oriented programming language, making it perfect for the graphic-oriented Java games most people are familiar with. An object in Java is similar to an object observed in real life; it's something that takes up space, has characteristics and features, and behaves in a certain way. Designating an object's characteristics and behavior is done using Java classes, which are basically the blueprint for an object's existence. Learning how to create and manipulate objects efficiently in the game space is integral to creating a functional Java game.

The two most basic functions of a video game are input and collisions. Inputs come in the from of mouse clicks or keyboard presses from the game player. Collisions are the events where objects interact with each other. These two things are the most important factors in having a functional game; if either of them are dysfunctional, the game will be rendered unresponsive and unplayable.

Starting small when making Java games is the best way to hone your skill and learn to accomplish certain tasks. If you rush in and try to make an huge, epic game, you'll most likely fall short somewhere along the line. Creating simple games and building upon your experiences is the true way to master the art of Java game creation.

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