DotNetNuke is a content management system (CMS) designed for Microsoft's ASP.NET infrastructure. While DotNetNuke is more expensive than other solutions available on the market, it offers a robust package with a wide variety of features. The following guide provides a review of DotNetNuke's CMS for webmasters and content owners.

There are a variety of CMS packages available on the internet. One of the most commons CMS solutions used by businesses and individuals is PHPNuke. Many consider PHPNuke to be the grandfather of most web-based applications. While PHPNuke can be a great tool for dedicated webmasters, it requires extensive upkeep and maintenance. In addition, PHPNuke has scaling issues when creating a large database. While this may not be a problem for webmasters at smaller companies or organizations, this can be a headache for anyone trying to find a solution that scales to a large size.


Like PHPNuke, DotNetNuke is available for free online. DotNetNuke can be used on any website free of charge. However, a licensing agreement is required if DotNetNuke is used for a business. This license also includes technical support for a user base.

DotNetNuke integrates with an SQL database to store information online. While DotNetNuke offers many advanced features for users, it also has a simple interface for accomplishing more basic tasks. For example, DotNetNuke provides a user interface that is similar to Wordpress. This allows individuals of all experience levels to integrate content quickly and effectively. There's no need for end users of DotNetNuke to study extensive documentation on proper operation.

In addition, DotNetNuke allows users to upload and store documents in a cloud-based environment. This can be a great way to save money and minimize hosting costs.

DotNetNuke also allows users to integrate HTML5 solutions into their web design. While the HTML5 standard has not been widely deployed, it can be found in a variety of end-user applications. One of the main advantages of HTML5 is dynamic content. It's possible to watch videos, play games, and use applications that are located in a central web browser.

While DotNetNuke does have some limitations, it can be a great solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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