There's no use denying it, the only real reason that you got an Android powered smartphone is for the apps. What's the use of having such a sophisticated phone if you do not even have a single Android app installed? So if you are a new Android phone user and you have absolutely no idea what apps you might need to install, here are some ideas that may interest you.

  • Facebook for Android – Let's face it, everyone and his brother is on Facebook, and odds are you are in it too. So to keep abreast with all of the important things that are happening in the lives of your Facebook friends, you should get the Facebook Android app for your phone. Now you will not miss a single thing, like the first time your friend's dog stopped peeing on their sofa.
  • Angry Birds – There's no escaping these round little infuriated avians; they're everywhere these days, and now they are in your Android phone as well. The famous game that was previously available for the iOS now has a version for Google Android, so get your game on and watch as those cute little birds cause wanton mayhem and destruction.
  • Astro File Manager – If you want to tinker around with the files in your Android phone, this app is perfect for you. Astro has a Windows-style folder browsing system that allows users to organize and move files from folder to folder; handy for when you have a couple of files that you don't want other people to see *wink.
  • Winamp – Some of you older users might still remember Winamp, the free media player that was famous in the late 90's, well it's back and it's in your Android phone! Play music, podcasts, and even watch videos in this new, revamped version of an old favorite.
  • Fruit Ninja – Yet another iOS game has made its way into the Android platform. Hack and slash through different kinds of fruits and beat the high score in this award-winning game. You will never look at fruits the same way again. Note: no actual fruits and/or ninjas were hurt in the making of this game.
  • Advanced Task Killer – Want to extend the battery life of your phone? Use Task Killer Android app to really shut them down after you press the home button. Now you do not have to carry a charger everywhere you go.
  • Meebo IM – If you're the type of person who likes to idle the time away by exchanging different smileys and abbreviations with your friends then you should definitely install the Meebo IM Android app. Meebo incorporates all of the different chat and instant messaging services and puts them in one convenient package. Now you do not have to be in front of a computer to LOL on a joke that your friend sent you.

These are just some of the great apps that every Android phone should have. These are all fun and useful applications that will make full use of your Android phone's functionality; and what's more, all of them can be downloaded from the Android Market free of charge!

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